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    Bottom line...on two occasions Unirock was given an opportunity to present proof that CW was responsible for the doxxing of JFTC. Twice he fell short. There is no reason to believe that on a third...
  2. Re: Corey Goode's death threats to a critic

    Yes. I have heard CW Chanter say that. I have also heard him say "Jack Smith is just some guy."

    It doesn’t make sense to ask CW about “Jack Smith.” If “Jack Smith” was sent by, or working...
  3. Re: Corey Goode's death threats to a critic

    I have seen the horrendous tweet of the alleged death threat you mention in your post - once when presented on C.W. Chanters interview with Yvonne Palermo in October 2018 (NoSSP) and again on Reality...
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    Good thing this was copied... The post is no longer available. I'm also glad to hear people are reporting these incidents to Facebook, it may lead to the restriction of their malicious activity and...
  5. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    For me, the Mark Richards and Corey Goode narratives are similar as they defy logic, reason, and do not provide any credible proof. However, in the case of Mark Richards his narrative attempts to...
  6. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    Is it possible to get a clear copy of the slide allegedly showing Mark as a "Vietnam consultant at age 16?" The image not legible, even when I zoom in on it.
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    Re: All about Richard Doty

    On Monday evening (8pm on 4/15/2019) there was a two hour interview with Richard C. Doty by Erik (Twitter Handle @awakeningman) and Reverend John Polk on the podcast Quantum Hologram Matrix. The...
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    Re: Animals are Magical

    I saw this about a week ago. It was very moving as it includes things I enjoy - travel, bikes and cats

    Guy Biking Across the World Picks Up a Stray Kitty by The Dodo

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    Good thinking to preserve these posts... they have been removed from comment section of the video.
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    Hi Jcking - Do you have a copy of the blog? Divine Cosmos continues to struggle with integrity and has removed the page - 404 (Not Found).
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    Yesterday (March 25, 2019), there was a response post from Rob V (who is a member of the private Facebook group that discussed memes and doxxing).


    Response to Jimmy Church & CW...
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    (I hope I'm doing this right - I'm not familiar with the posting tools in this forum...)

    The original YouTube video was taken down, but Bill Ryan was kind enough to host the video in the Project...
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    I see this video between Samadhi and Joy has been taken down from YouTube. I have a copy of it. Is it permissible by Project Avalon for me to upload to this forum?
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    I had to watch the whole Discussing Ra, The Law of One, Corey Goode and others video mentioned above (although it was difficult). I just finished watching and I'm on the verge of tears and/or...
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    Too funny :ROFL:
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    In the seventh screen shot in this post, there is a reference to an email from CLE. Does anyone know who CLE is?
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    My first reply here...I hope I do it right. You mentioned above:

    "Gaia, Inc. executives had been telling employees in meetings for months that they had evidence that Goode had leaked Wilcock’s...
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