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    If there's one thing that is true about him, he's always got an awesome smile on his face.

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    Definitely something going on with him. KJU does have a twitter account, and 3 days ago he tweeted:

    때로는 더 강력하고 똑똑한 버전으로 다시 태어나려면 조금...
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    Best source so far. Claims Kim Jong-Un in "vegetative state."

    The North Korean dictator's health remains a mystery after a report that he was in 'grave condition' following cardiovascular surgery;...
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    I'm calling the above picture that's been circulating a fake. Photoshopped pic of KJ Il.

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    Story emerging from various backchannels that Kim Jong-Un might be dead. Nothing from NK state media, or from any mainstream source yet. Could all be rumour or pure fake news, just posting for...
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