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    Is this a recent photo of him, or one from the archives, so to speak....?[/QUOTE]

    Just from a day ago, forgot to link to it :)

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    He finally showed up.. Honestly, i can't believe he's alive like that, how can a 38 year old guy be in this terrible shape? Just look at the older men around him, it's ridiculous how unhealthy he is....
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    Very unlikely, he's not "pure enough" as he is a half brother only from the previous leader, this has sent him into a third place because even as Jim Jong un has a sister, they also have kids, which...
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    I don't wish him death, because i know he has kids and losing your father is a terrible thing to happen, as much evil as he was for everyone else he's not the same for those kids very likely. I don't...
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    Lots of speculation about it, but we know he put her sister on the "upgrade" path to replace him, if anything unexpected would happen

    Also some friends who are working on low/middle level politics...
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