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    Re: Crazy Weather Happening in Scotland Today

    Scotland in the wind. Song by The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band.

    Hilarious! All the pictures that have been on the News sites {including...
  2. Re: What books have expanded your consciousness, changed how you experience the world

    Books I am so glad I discovered. In roughly chronological order, from age 2

    - 'The Little Red Hen' - Ladybird Book. Taught me to become independent.
    - 'The 13th is Magic' by Joan Howard....
  3. Re: Water: What everyone Needs To Know What Your Drinking!

    I have dowsed tap water from 6 different areas / water treatment plants in my area. 4 are 'bad' for me, and 2 are 'ok'. Sadly, the 2 that are okay would require lengthy boat journeys to collect...
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    Biodynamic gardening - effects of the tides?

    There's an old bit of Shetland folklore that says that pulling weeds, cutting turfs cleanly {for roofing, in the olden days} and roo'ing sheep {pulling the wool off by hand as was done in the days...
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    Re: Odd vision issue. Any rational explanations?

    Best to go & see both your Optician then your Doctor if it persists- it might be nothing - dehydration like Carmen says, or migraine, or, something else. I have a long term health condition which...
  6. Re: Head of the CIA has 'Admitted' there was 'NO' Live Video Footage of Osama Raid!

    This was posted on Infowars - apologies if someone has already posted it on Avalon and I haven't noticed. I thought it was very well written, and I love most of the comments below!

  7. Thread: Census 2011 - UK

    by Fina

    Re: Census 2011 - UK

    Jason- I read someone making the comment that they were planning to either spend the night in a tent, or in their car, so technically there would be nobody staying overnight in the house, so no...
  8. Re: The mastermind behind Saturday morning Sci-Fi Back !

    Just answered my own question: Dick Spanner P.I. - 2Disc Gerry Anderson DVD NEW £9.99
  9. Re: The mastermind behind Saturday morning Sci-Fi Back !

    I too loved Terrahawks!
    Did anyone watch "Dick Spanner"? He had a tail... So many bad puns in so short a time. I would LOVE a copy on video, wonder if you can get it??
  10. Poll: Re: If you're an 'awake' Avalonian, are you using a microwave?

    Jendayi said:
    "I haven't touched a microwave for a long time..
    i also avoid (as much as possible) DECT, WIFI, UMTS frequencies and power stations.. "


    Who all here is sitting on...
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    Re: The American Dream

    Hey Daledo- you beat me to it! I just logged on to post the link to this film that someone just sent me! It's Excellent!

  12. Re: Phosgene, John P. Wheeler III's murder and birds...

    Gooogled and found this link for the video- watching now
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    Z S Livingstone article

    Interesting article about the possible causes of by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone just posted on Ken Adachi's site, Educate yourself:

    "The Earth is ringing like a bell."
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    Re: Warning of new era of surveillance state

    Charlie Brooker in yesterdays' Guardian:

    "The words you read next will be your last ...
    ... because I'm going to strangle every single one of you"
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    Re: Vaccinations causing diseases?

    Daledo - sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too have MS.

    Had to have a Flu vaccine in late 1987 as I worked in a geriatric hospital, then a few months later I had to have a Barium Meal Xray....
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    Re: Fort Chocs and Unsustainable Chocolate

    Wonder if chocolate freezes and defrosts ok? I know hand-rolling tobacco does :)
    Maybe worth a wee experiment?!
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    Re: The Kitchen Medicine Book

    Thank you Bill, a Wonderful resource!
  18. Re: ABC News: Concern That Terror Teams Have Selected Targets, Ready to Strike

    I was just wondering if the Eiffel Tower was in need of any major structural repairs in the near future? Or if the insurance on it had been increased recently, like some other buildings that...
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    Re: Ulcer, any good cures/remedies

    I had moved in with a partner some years ago, and my being a vegetarian, he didn't get to eat much meat, as I just didn't cook any...Maybe occasional bacon rolls at work?
    I hadn't known he had been...
  20. Re: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

    Robert Hastings on CNN 29th Sept, posted on David Icke's news headlines today
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