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  1. Re: Book Notes: Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Science of the Ancients

    David Childress souns soooo funny when he talks. strange emphasis on his words. i do a great impersonation
  2. Re: Depopulation the agenda and methods used

    Super messed up if true. Sadly, probably true given the history of who cdc and other similar agencies
  3. Re: Why is the MSM now training us to think low oil prices are bad?

    This exactly. Except this time, its not working. Russia is holding the economic high cards here despite the western attempts to crumble their economy. We're pushing them into trading more and more...
  4. Re: 'Putin's Revenge': Russia And China Try To End The Dominance Of The Dollar

    Good or bad, right or wrong, Putin is a faaaarrrr more fascinating figure than obama to my mind. Not many leaders have a mystique about them anymore, putin remains fairly enigmatic
  5. Re: Here Is Why You Need To Absolutely Uninstall Your Phone's Flashlight App

    TESLA COIL for android. its the best, no special permissions at all, one of the only flashlight apps like that
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    Re: Huge Empty Ancient Cities

    Baalbek is in Lebanon if memory serves But yes, i see your point
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    Re: The Abyss..1989..

    When he drinks the pink fluid! Awesomeness. When his typing stops making sense. Awesomeness! The ending awesomeness!
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    Re: Has St John's Wort helped you?

    Start with 5htp. pre curser to seratonin. The building blocks
  9. Re: Have you recovered from a serious illness?

    Lyme disease
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    Most late model cars can be remotely hijacked. with ease. (2008 & after models especially)
  11. Re: CEO of Total Oil dies in Plane crash

    Not easy to get an operative all the way into Moscow i bet. A display of reach and resources. WTF there are some crazy people calling the shots in this world. What if Moscow involved though? Maybe...
  12. Re: Motorcyclist Punishes Drivers for Throwing Garbage on the Street!

    Your comment is pathetic.

    Here she is driving a small motorbike, likely getting 70-90 mpg, compare to the 20-30 mpg all the cars are getting (making a HUGE difference in pollution output), and...
  13. Re: Jim Stone Update - 10-15-14

    Hey im there. Wonder if this dude wants to grab a coffee so i can vett him haha
  14. Re: Colloidal Silver? nevertheless a heavy metal

    Silver is a noble metal, not heavy.
  15. Re: Jim Stone Update - 10-15-14

    So, if nobody responds you'll know. Guess yours was a real post haha!
  16. Re: They know chaos us coming - Dr JimWillie

    Most of the world prefers a gold backed currency. Russia china india brazil Switzerland Norway etc. Just not the nations with fiat currencies imo
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    Re: Public Panic over spread of Ebola

    Im convinced of the severity of this situation. If it were really this bad, they wouldn't need to try to scare the public imo, if it were really bad we wouldn't be able to lie to ourselves.
  18. Re: This 29 Year Old Woman Will End Her Own Life On Nov 1, 2014

    Poor girl. I dont believe in terminal illness, theres a chance for recovery! Stick around awhile!
  19. Re: What would you grow in a lab if you had the choice?

    A small, high functioning penis is just as well. Some of those big ones never get much past the 'memory foam' stage of firmness. laughing at myself as i type
  20. Re: What would you grow in a lab if you had the choice?

    On a more serious note, id grow ACLs, MCLs, minisci (plural for miniscus?)
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