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  1. Re: Everything you need to know about ticks and Lyme disease - and how to protect yourself

    I know someone whose life was greatly damaged by Lyme as, for a long time, they didn't know what she had since the disease was not very common in Canada at the time.

    Her doctors diagnosed her...
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    Re: Bigfoot / Sasquatch

    I've heard that Sasquatch is a biological being who, unwittingly, entered the planet through a portal from another dimension and has not been able to find the portal again in order to go back to its...
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    Re: Astonshing Discoveries!

    Well, leave it to Herve to find the strangest things on the planet! Thank you!

    I look forward to more strangeness from you.

    With love,

    Daughter of Time
  4. Re: May 11th 2015: David Icke on the Alex Jones Show

    I don't think David Icke has anything against Jesus. It's Christianity he criticizes, and one must admit, Christianity has a tremendously bloody history!

    He criticizes Christians for using the...
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    Re: Surfing with Wind

    I've just opened this thread for the first time, and what a joy!!!

    Of course, it will take me a very long time to get through it and I don't know if I ever will, but I do look forward to spending...
  6. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #6 : The Alternative Community and the Human Condition - and The Human Body and its Spiritual Counterpart

    Thank you, Bill, for another highly informative newsletter.

    Your devotion to inform and guide your community is highly inspiring.

    You are a gift to us and I deeply appreciate the care and...
  7. Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    They die too! Eventually!

    Unfortunately, not soon enough!

    But in spite of everything they have at their disposal, they too shall die!

    But not before creating a lot of havoc for the rest...
  8. Re: Shekiniah light language message ?

    Shekinah is Hebrew for "dwelling of Divine Presence of God".

    She repeats several words, and to the best of my knowledge, they mean as follows:

    Atara: Hebrew for "crown"

    Anaya: Islamic for...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Happy mother's day to you all of you, wonderful moms!

    Happy mother's day to all your wonderful moms!

    I'm off now to spend the day with my wonderful mom!

    Love and blessings today and always!...
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    Re: My experience with Schizophrenia

    I have had many, many, many unusual experiences which I'm still struggling to understand. So, I'm sorry if I cannot offer any profound insights into your experiences.

    Do be grateful that you...
  11. Re: The kogi and there message to "younger brother"

    As far as I know, they are still holding on to their lands despite the numerous threats from the Columbian government to get them to move.

    I know someone who spent some time with them, living up...
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    Re: Jury Duty

    Since you believe in karma, then you could score some karma points by being grateful for getting out of jury duty. The fact that you had to wait a little while, matters not!

    I also was called for...
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    Whenever I have tried to log in to PA while using google chrome, unlike Firefox or Internet Explorer, it has not let me in.

    GoogleChrome blocks Project Avalon with the caption "unsafe site" and it...
  14. Re: Massive psychotronic assult on the human cities

    A member of my family has a child who is bright, sensitive, and socially conscious.

    This child has expressed her desire to dedicate her life to solving the problem of global warming, since their...
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    Thank you for posting this, Cidersomerset. Exciting!

    I had a broken metatarsal which took nearly a year to fuse. If only this technology had been around!
  16. Re: How Much More Twisted Can It Get?

    I hope I'm not going too off topic here but I have a little story to tell which I learned very recently.

    Someone I know has been suffering with severe arthritis for the past ten years and had been...
  17. Re: CANNABIS OIL ~ urgently need to find this in Canada for terminal friend

    Hello Earth Angel,

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and he found someone who dispensed pure cannabis oil which he took for 1 year. I don't know who dispensed it to him. I do...
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    Re: Ontario regulating homeopathy


    The 35 homeopaths who registered are not foolish! They're trying to survive while practicing their profession.

    Many extended health care insurances in Ontario do cover homeopathy,...
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    Re: When Money Plays Harp... errr...

    I guess firing her without an explanation would have been too suspicious. While I am on her side, at least she was (unfair as it may be) offered money for staying away.

    I've known other artists...
  20. Re: Iran and P5 +1 make agreement on Iran's Nuclear Issue

    I heard this on the news earlier today and found it extremely interesting!

    For those of you who follow Simon Parkes, I listened to one of Simon's interviews of a week ago or so in which he said...
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