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  1. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #5 : Climate Change, Methane, and (just possibly) the link to the Secret Space Program

    Thanks Mr. Bill, as always, a very interesting read!
  2. Re: Pennsylvania Man Pays Property Taxes in One Dollar Bills

    yep. typical injustice going on here in my neck of the woods. not surprised at all.
  3. Re: Professor Kratky's hydroponic garden system (no electricity required)

    Thank you Ron, this is a great series of videos for those interested in growing through hydroponics!
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    Re: What color are you seeing on this dress?

    seehas that is what happened to me too! very crazy stuff.....
  5. Re: SPOT, the robot dog, developed by Boston Dynamics (this should make us all very worried)

    Maia, I was thinking the same thing...... Thank goodness they do not have teeth!!!!!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Bill Ryan !

    Happy Birthday Mr. Bill. Blessings and well wishes to you.
  7. Re: CIA Headquarters in Langley Reportedly on Lockdown

    how do we ever know it is really true. the only links i can find are crap for legitimacy - how can a person really know?
  8. Re: CIA Headquarters in Langley Reportedly on Lockdown

    looking for backup on this.... not finding anything - but that doesn't mean it isn't so/...........
    will continue the search.....

    here is the link to GLP intro to this:
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    Re: Are you unhappier now since your "awakening"?

    Hi Alpha141, I agree. I am much happier being awake and uncomfortable than sleeping in the shadows and perpetuating some myth of happiness. I'm not saying I'm not scared, but - - Knowledge IS power...
  10. Re: psychic attack - comprehensive article by Thomas Sheridan

    Thank you donk. I will be reading the article posted later as my schedule does not allow for it now. I can definitely say this: I have experienced the pictorial line up to a 'T'. This is quite...
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    Re: American "False Flag" ( IMMINENT! IMO )

    Hi jagman, I think your opinion on this is very worthy.... there is always the silent arm of hidden aggression playing in the background.... could be in play already thanks for the one up!
  12. Re: Alex Jones Debates founder of 'Weather Underground' Bill Ayers..!

    Bill Ayers is one of the 'founders' of the Weathermen Underground which sprang off from the SDS back in 1969. His position in this radical left-wing group has led to a great deal of controversy for...
  13. Re: Alex Jones Debates founder of 'Weather Underground' Bill Ayers..!

    Here's my take on this chap: he does not have a problem in the debate market where AJ is concerned. That is also what I believe Nasu was trying to express as well. I have a thread somewhere on the...
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    Re: UFO ejecting multiple crafts in Massachusetts

    wowow, thanks for posting Maia Gabrial. Very interesting - now who can count the "Oh my gods" in the video? I lost count after a couple because I was busy watching the formation patterns.... nice...
  15. Re: JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick written Francis Richard Conolly

    I found it very interesting towards the end when the narrator discusses that Al Capone was seen as a hero because he gave the people what they wanted.... sex, drugs, gambling, and they...
  16. Re: JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick written Francis Richard Conolly

    I'm telling you, this is so enlightening we are watching it again. Thanks Paul for the u-tube version....... I have a very quirky tale to tell regarding one of the diabolical figures in this...
  17. Re: JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick written Francis Richard Conolly

    grannyfranny, this is awesome...... thank you so much for posting this. I am 52 minutes into this and the dots are lining up like college ruled paper. This is a must see video.
    warmest regards,...
  18. Sticky: Re: Member Predictions for 2014 and Beyond: Intuition, Common Sense and Research/Trends Predictions ONLY

    nice posting about this cover...... i noticed the 'amazon drone' delivering what looks like a 'yellow cube' or 'yellow book'........ something in my memory is sticking with the videos with Dan...
  19. Re: Cringe yes ... yet it resonates despite the programmed recoil

    hi Calz, I found this interview very interesting. The way that Fletcher pulls it all together is resounding enough for me to continue to think about this issue. I think that this is still a very...
  20. Thread: Happy New Year

    by crosby

    Re: Happy New Year

    I Say Bring IT!!!!!!!! I think we are ready!!!!!!!!!!
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