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    Re: The Nazca 'alien' 3-fingered mummies of Peru

    I'm afraid that Gaia's 3 espisodes are another Hoax.
    The episodes remember me the Animal Planet's 'documentary' "Mermaids: The Body Found and Mermaids: The New Evidence".
    A well made hoax that even...
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    Re: Italy - Surrender Homes to refugees!

    Absolute insane! Every conflict on middle-east or other country in Africa the result is the same : All the bills are sent to Europeans... Refugees, more taxes, unemployment and more at highest cost....
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    Also the instability and poverty for the people from South American countries whose dictators saw in Fidel Castro a leader and an example.
    Truly sad when you see so many people without access to...
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    I believe that everyone has your own karma.
  5. Re: Planet X is already close, This Man describes it clearly. (Spanish only, sorry)

    Sorry fellowes, but this video is absolute insane..
    I watched the film and IMHO is a hoax.. a bad one!
    This is another apocalyptic version for those who wait for a miracle or perhaps need...
  6. Re: Is it safe to use a real picture for your avatar / profile pic??

    Don't forget to use a spoofed Mac ;)
  7. Re: Is it safe to use a real picture for your avatar / profile pic??

    I just 'tin-eyed' my avatar. Apparently I don't exist so I'm completely safe.

    Go for it Spellbound, be yourself. :)[/QUOTE]

    No matter what you do 'cause Google really loves to collect data...
  8. Re: Is it safe to use a real picture for your avatar / profile pic??

    Rule #1: Never upload ANY personal data about you.
    Rule #2: Make sure about how to security yourself when you connect your computer.
    Rule #3: Try to stay "low profile" reducing the finger prints...
  9. Re: Shadow Brokers have NSA tech on auction (Intercept)

    Nice catch, Sir!
    What about to share some knowledge? :)
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    Re: Two jets pacing UFO

    Continued thinking on that vid Mojo I was going to reply that the trails could be from jet afterburners, which ties the planes and the UFO together more so.[/QUOTE]

    I agree.. seems afterburners....
  11. Re: Capt. James R. Howard: "We were shadowed from outer space"

    I'm still wondering why they keep denying the truth about all evidences....funny isn't?
  12. Re: Does anyone know a safe software for recording a Skype video call?

    Hi Sam Hunter.
    There are many software to do this..
    Like Camtasia (very good software) but you have to buy it if you want all features and some freeware ( totally free to use).
    I found this one...
  13. Re: [HOAX] 'Sumerian' object shaped like a cell phone


    It has been circulating at long time ago.
    The oldest photo was published in a Chinese page claiming the stone was found in Mexico city.
  14. Thread: September 2015

    by korgh

    Re: September 2015

    Well.. don't get me wrong but i am very skeptical when i see so many articles about the end of the world. Recently, i mean few years ago, we are "bombarded" with zombies in Jerusalem, aliens trying...
  15. Re: Is there any light at the end of this long, dark tunnel?

    I believe that WE carry our own light.
    If you live your life walking on the dark side, i mean, hating, envying, wishing all sort of bad things for all around you just because you cannot accept the...
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    Re: For the Star Trek Fans

    Thank you Zampano!
    Very ambitious project! I hope that do not happen the same as Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel.
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    Re: Google and its pics

    Google has a nice humor :)
    Obviously, they know more than we can imagine!
  18. Re: My Music for Free :) (With a new song I just made not long ago)

    Thank you very much for sharing!
    Powerful sound.
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    Re: Germanwings flight 4U9525 crash in Southern France

    It makes sense this kind of failure when considering a low-cost air company and all economics difficulties nowadays. I almost bet that the real issue will be covered and again we will remain without...
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    Re: Germanwings flight 4U9525 crash in Southern France

    A spokeswoman for Germanwings has just said that the plane underwent a maintenance check yesterday in Dusseldorf (the normal one) and the full maintenance was years ago (+3).
    I know well the weather...
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