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  1. Re: EBOLA , AIDS , Bubonic Plague !!.....'Black death' kills man in China'

    They've been digging core ice in isolated graves outside of cities in UK and Siberia of earlier outbreaks of plagues, virus and other nasties. They are cornered and desperate and know the kill ratio...
  2. Re: BREAKING NEWS - Trans Asian Plane Crashes in Bad Weather in Taiwan, Killing 51

    Heavenly Father so many have lost their lives by plane in the last 3 months. So many hearts of families broken, and so many out there plotting the next tragedy. Father we need you to stop them. WE...
  3. Re: Wake Up Call! Chemtrail Reporting Forced on Mainstream Media

    Maybe that's what VP Cheney was burning in the VP office in 2005 or 04. But they're only finding out what to look for, because the people here and on YT sounded the truth trumpets and putshed. WE...
  4. Re: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge

    Here's another bread crumb they found, that Bush 1 thought was "deleted" for good. 22 million docs on NWO president? Ooo, baby. This is the best and it's all there. Here's the link.
    It's dated...
  5. Re: Is Obama Plotting To Overthrow The United States?

    NeoCONS did a coup de tat, maybe he's trying to seize it back to the people w/out ssg knowing. It's that deep and this may be the check mate on them since BRICs announced and the ICC and Vatican are...
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    Re: Gaza is not going to exist!!!

    So the story of Moses being a Hebrew, is a lie. This was before the 7th century, right? So this doesn't make sense. Moses and the 10 Commandments and the Exodus a lie? Written by the Hebrews. ...
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    Re: Obama's Executive Order 13603

    Snopes and

    Uh huh? I think it was to seize the resources from the corporations now taking them via politician.
    Don't insult people who supported this President. He stepped in doo...
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    Re: World war III

    Who did it, is right in front of you and I. Who did it, is the one that "knew to turn the camera" in that area at that particular time. What type of cameral was used, who's camera and under who's...
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    Re: World War III

    TIP: "You can always click on the (YT icon) on bottom of screen and watch it there. That's what they want you to do, is visit so google can monitor. I don't sign in, I just use the icon whenever...
  10. Re: Were bodies on downed airliner already dead before the flight?

    I knew it, i knew it. They couldn't just take the bodies off the military base in the middle of the ocean w/out arousing suspicion. These people must have the DNA match for family members before...
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    Re: Ingenious way to curb food waste

    Such a great idea should be in our country also. Maybe a "church pantry w/inglorious from around local farms and gardens. What a great way to feed all the hungry. I mean, it's just the packaging...
  12. Re: MH17 shoot-down: Was Putin's plane the real target ?

    I've been reading otherwise and quite frankly, not only can I not trust the mainstream news on this story but I also do not trust any alternative news sources on it either because they are too...
  13. Re: MH17 shoot-down: Was Putin's plane the real target ?

    Is the DNA gonna be done on them. For all we know they could be the bodies from flight MH370. They are the lyingest bunch of losers of all time. WE must question everything, and as someone said...
  14. Re: Malaysian Plane 'Crashes With 295 On Board' - Ukrainian adviser claims the plane was shot down

    Strange that the Ukrane is still being incited, I don’t understand the ultimate motive behind bringing attention to the area, but I'm sure we'll know by the weekend what the desired action...
  15. Re: Malaysian Plane 'Crashes With 295 On Board' - Ukrainian adviser claims the plane was shot down

    Just saying, what's to stop them from remote destroying any plane "they" designed? Faux flag and murder? You betcha.
  16. Re: Malaysian Plane 'Crashes With 295 On Board' - Ukrainian adviser claims the plane was shot down

    Another 777 remote guidance into a war zone. If I were the other nations, I would NEVER USE BOEING ANYTHING. They are SSG and have been for over 70 years. The owner went to his dying bed and...
  17. Re: Malaysian Plane 'Crashes With 295 On Board' - Ukrainian adviser claims the plane was shot down

    Wondering if they are staging a "blame on Russia" to get WW3 started, when it was really reich wing rebel contractors that had the weapons to shoot down the plane. Don't forget that they also speak...
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    Re: Mass Arrests of Pedophiles in UK

    Pope spent a lot of time individually interviewing the victims, perhaps the information was valuable and is bringing swift arrests if the abusers are still in those positions. Break the connection...
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    Soon people, very soon, the net will drop on these guys, and the flesh and blood people of this and other nations will rise up and hang every one of them on Wall Street and every capital city they...
  20. Re: History Channel On Scott Wolter and Brad Meltzer Revealing America Built On Templar Knights and Freemasonary

    There's quite a few on Netflix also in the sci-fi and fantasy browse section. I especially was checking out the Lewis and Clarke expedition murder. Looks like the lies about this country are the...
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