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    Re: Clinton, Brennan & Biden: Benghazi

    Waiting for salvation through arrests, through this political system, through material channels, is self delusion at best. This video is based on this girl, Anna Khait, who was a professional poker...
  2. Re: Any spiritual show that does interviews that you can recommend?

    Edit: I am too hasty. I replied by reading the title only. Sorry, I don't know personally any radio show presenter. :o

    Concious TV on youtube is very good. The interviews are deep with some...
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    Re: Who/what is running the world?

    We, human souls, are running the planet. The whole cabal structure is only the superficial layer. We, as souls, asked for this cooperation with darkness, because it is the only way for God, by taking...
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    Re: Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19

    Probably a strategic move. The timing was perfect. Not too early for the people to forget that he had the virus. Not too late to miss the elections.
  5. Re: An ancient language phrase: what does this mean??

    It doesn't help a lot because I found three different ancient languages but there is a vague connection in the definitions. I couldn't find something for "nonay".

    Melach: Hebrew - melach,...
  6. Thread: Why Biden?

    by ZenBaller

    Re: Why Biden?

    It's obvious that he is in the early stages of Alzheimer, but in this latest video he says "I'm gonna be Joe Biden". There's no "t" in there. It also makes sense with the whole phrase. Don't worry...
  7. Re: The Search for Autonomous Social Platforms

    The problem with the autonomous platforms is that they still have the masses as a target group. We live in a time that we have to scale that down, go back to smaller teams, semi-private communities...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    I see a lot of (justified) doom, gloom, pain and fear of negative energies in this thread and around the world, so I feel compelled to say that what is (and will be) happening is the exact opposite....
  9. Re: Does it matter what people dress and look like?

    The word "appearance" is very vague. An appearance can be neutral but it can very well be charged positively or negatively. It can be a strong statement. Often, it is more than colours and...
  10. Re: Shumann Frequency? Flatlined? [Mods note: no, the recorder was offline]

    The energy is off the charts the last couple of days. The walls are closing in. I don't know how much longer things can hold on to this hectic rhythm. There isn't much time left on whatever is...
  11. Re: Do you think advanced technology was created by aliens or some kind of higher force?

    You are already thinking way ahead. Technology? What about the human body? Who do you think made that? :bigsmile:
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    Re: Extraterrestrial altruism

    Yes, I think this planet has already been through that according to spiritual traditions. Probably in the Lemuria era and maybe Atlantis later. And that is totally ok. It was no mistake. It was part...
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    Re: Extraterrestrial altruism

    Wind said it all, a couple of posts above.

    It all depends on how conscious a being is. Spiritual evolution means that the illusory sense of independent individuality fades and the feeling that you...
  14. Re: Mike Adams' Global Reset Survival Guide (August 2020)

    I never really resonated with the survivalist mode. Maybe I'm in a different path or just ignorant. We'll find out soon. But I too feel that covid is just a precursor. Actually, not even that. It's...
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    Re: I just started my Youtube Channel!

    I wish you all the best to your endeavor!

    This is just an inner monologue I feel I have to share. Maybe it's that I am an old fashioned soul. Since I was a kid, I regarded all spirituality as...
  16. Re: Ancient Egypt: Actually a part of the Atlantean civilization

    This is still our lesson and if we fail to overcome it then we will indeed face total destruction as a species and perhaps justly so. There's already plenty of karma left from the past, perhaps some...
  17. Re: Ancient Egypt: Actually a part of the Atlantean civilization

    Although Atlantis sounds like a glorious civilisation to us, because of its technological advancements and psychic abilities, we should keep in mind that it was an integral part of humanity's...
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    Re: The Phenomena Known As "Karens"

    As people grow up, the ego tends to solidify. In combination with the lack of intimate relationships, feeling loved, experiencing tenderness etc., humans start to become critical, aggressive with...
  19. Re: It is time we consciously create a new paradigm together

    I admire your passion and I'm all in with you. This is the time for the new paradigm to be created. The birth has already began and there is no way back. I have absolutely no doubt that this planet...
  20. Re: Ancient Egypt: Actually a part of the Atlantean civilization

    This topic is extremely interesting because most lightworkers nowadays are somehow related to Atlantis. Many abilities blossomed back then and many traumas were created because of their abuse. We...
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