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  1. Re: Questions for extra terrestrial entities...

    Bill's questions are the very questions I would ask.
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    Re: Pray, meditate for Julian Assange

    Do prayers actually work? I like to believe they do.

    If prayers do work, then there would have to be Divine intervention for him. I like to believe that too.

    I've prayed for Assange for years...
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    Re: Turmoil in Venezuela

    I know several people from Venezuela. I've asked them their opinion on the current crisis in their native country since these people have relatives in Venezuela. Of course, I didn't expect them to...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers.

    May you have a joyful day.

    With love,

    Daughter of Time
  5. Poll: Re: Has anyone here had Candida and cured it?

    I don't have time to read the posts above so I don't know if this has been mentioned:

    Hydrogen Peroxide - food grade - I think it is 30% so it's very strong.

    Start with 1 drop in a full glass...
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    Re: Alex Jones and Sandy Hook

    I think Alex Jones felt he had no choice but to retract else he might have been banned from the internet forever.

    This is not to say that he was right (or wrong) but to demonstrate that when you...
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    Re: Vitamin B17 laetrile as cancer cure

    B17 or laetrile has been used as a cancer cure for decades.

    I knew someone, decades ago, whose sister in law had cancer and her naturopath dispensed laetrile to her, together with massive...
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    Re: How is Foxie Loxie doing?

    I have not been very active on the forum lately so I had no idea Foxie was unwell.

    She is such a lovely, kind, thoughtful, sweet lady. I am so saddened by the news.

    Prayers go out to you,...
  9. Re: Tinnitus. sigh. Anyone here experience this?

    Daughter of Time, is there a homeopathic remedy for the specifically for the right ear? Thanks ahead of time. No need for a reply, you already answered my question a little further down the...
  10. Re: Tinnitus. sigh. Anyone here experience this?

    I have recommended the homeopathic remedy stated above to someone who suffered from it in their right ear. It worked! It might work for you too.

    Homeopathics are so inexpensive and one little...
  11. Re: Tinnitus. sigh. Anyone here experience this?

    Yes, I have experienced tinnitus in my left ear as well. This has gone on and off for decades.

    I've visited many specialists, all of whom told me there is nothing wrong with my ear.

    My history...
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    Re: My experience with Essiac Tea

    Healing thoughts go out to your dear mother.

    May she recover completely.

    You're a good son.

    Love to you too.
  13. Re: Name Three Good Things About Yourself

    I am:



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    Re: Happy Birthday, President Trump!!

    You're a class act, Foxie!

    I had wanted to post something but there was too much vehemence for my taste.

    Good for you for not taking any of the poison personally!

    You're a sweet, kind,...
  15. Re: Families of MK Ultra victims file class-action lawsuit over government mind control experiments

    I am currently working on an artistic, politically minded project with a group of people. When I mentioned MK-ULTRA, no one knew a thing about it, including the person heading the project!

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    Good luck to Italy! It needs it: unstable, ever changing governments, political corruption, the Camorra (secretly supported by corrupt politicians), thousands upon thousands of illegal refugees...
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    Re: Need help getting rid of a tapeworm

    Hello Indigris,

    If you think you have a tapeworm or any other types of intestinal parasites, look at your stool. The strongest indicator is white, threadlike things in it, as some of the eggs are...
  18. Cosmic Weather Report: Uranus Sweeping through Taurus 2018-2026

    On Tuesday, May 15 at 11:16 am eastern time, the giant side-spinning blue planet Uranus entered the Sign of the Cow (hello Paul, wondering if you're Taurus...) for seven years.

    Every other...
  19. Re: Can your dog or cat that has passed away make contact with you from the hereafter?

    My answer as to whether animals visit us from the after life is a most definite "YES". I say this from personal experiences.

    I had a cat I absolutely loved. He passed away very young (3 years...
  20. Re: Artificial Intelligence and "Fuzzy Logic" Successes

    AI is alien technology.

    A human stands almost no chance of winning against an ET that possesses this high technology.

    Conclusion: AI technology will almost always undoubtedly win.

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