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  1. Thank you for everything , please delete my account


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    Re: A Flat Earth not Round ...?

    Sorry to hear that Bill, it is your forum so you have all the rights but when this forum has restrict subjects that we can not discuss about it , in an old style repression, I think it is time for me...
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    A Flat Earth not Round ...?

    I did a quick search on the subject on this forum but just found google related posts (not really on the subject about a flat earth .. just wondering if someone has more info on this subject or did...
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    Art Bell Back on July 20th ...

    Just a reminder : )

    Here is the real thing :
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    Re: FEMA is planning for an earthquake

    Probably , "FEMA is planning a red flag earthquake" is more close to the truth ...
  6. Re: Documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" by Alex Gibney subtitled in Castilian (2015 HBO)

    Good documentary here.
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    Re: Greece real estate for sale - call Angela Merkel

    If Greece exits from EU, China and Russia buy them out. (location, location , location is everything)
  8. Re: filters out mainstream media (24 hour public test drive)

    I do not know, and what make you think that independent media websites, blogs and reference sites are imune to NWO propaganda and gov disinformation ... Everywhere in the net, you have to double...
  9. Re: 9 Times There Was Definitely A Glitch In The Matrix ...


    I do not know who took the pictures that is why I placed the links (from the original source) , I do not think it is one person who took them all and can not certify if it is 100% true or...
  10. 9 Times There Was Definitely A Glitch In The Matrix ...
  11. Re: US Congress to Protect Slave Labor on Mars & Corporate Space Colonies

    That is just a soft disclosure as we all know that slavery on Mars and on the moon is a fact and it has been going for a long time now.
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    Re: Economic Hit Man Interview

    Let me guess the greek memorando to be done on Sunday will point out that the greeks will accept the IMF conditions and will pay them out. Just like the Scotland referendo to move away from UK was...
  13. Re: What will happen in the second half of 2015? Is it necessary to make safety preparations for rest of the year?

    I think we are being mislead in a sense that we are always searching for an answer where and when it will be the next big event ... but before that there are millions of mini-events (specially the...
  14. Re: The Shanghai stock market crash: What it is and what happened

    in one word: greed !
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    Re: The Book of Revelation

    Like the movie Jupiter ascending pointed out, I am convince that the chapter of revelation is just a theatre play to be performance during harvest time in this world.

    But do not get personal or...
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    Re: Sooooooo a cube UFO !

    For me it looks like one of the elites lost their LV luggage when they were going off planet ... do not bother to pay attention into this. It is CG and the channel who posted this news in the first...
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    Re: Controling the stars with your mind

    I think the sky is fake (made by a type of glass and it displays everything above us stars, planets ... hologram / like a planetary type) I think the real true appears when we close our eyes (the...
  18. Tabula Rasa a tick tack site on the next big events?

    Found this site and thought to share, it is weird & interesting ... to say the least.

    check also their archives (specially people and documents sections)

    // Archive access...
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    Atlantis - A Space craft , Not a City

    I will copy and paste below something I have just read that makes me think, enjoy the ride:

    Here is the original link:
  20. Better Find Out Who the Real Magicians of this World Are!

    Interesting video , showing (again and over and over) the linkage between messages sent out by the entertainment industry (music/video) with what comes next and beyond.

    "911 was a ritual plain and...
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