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    Trashed my own iPhone - beat them to it.

    Don't do text. Not playing that game.

    This makes me glad I did.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    Love Freedom!
    MM :heart:
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    Re: Anyone hear of this man - Braco?

    I saw him inMt Shasta. No effect in my experience.

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    Yes, great post! I love solution oriented information. This is the track that many, many of us are on.

    Stepping off the old machine; creating something better. Everyone's contribution is very...
  4. Re: Fighting Back & Winning Against Monsanto (for defamation)

    No I think it's great... but she did stress we are working on obtaining NON GMO certifications... I think that speaks volumes, that's huge...
    that tells you that money is finally talking, that...
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    Re: Lucifer's plan

    Wow! These are some interesting points of view. I like that question..."whenever something is handed to you, does it turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing." It depends on your attunement. What...
  6. Re: Another community poisoned by the government, November 6, 2015

    I have two words: "responsible" and "accountable".

    Souls who abuse their power and harm others have certain consequences. Even though forgiveness is a part of transmutation and moving on, the...
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    Re: Pray for Celine Dion!

    All deserve love and prayers.

    Appreciation and love.

    Can't go wrong.

    Lots of love to ALL,
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    Re: Pray for Celine Dion!

    Ok, I will.

    :heart:I love her!

  9. Re: Chemtrails and the monitoring of brain waves

    The first post was informative. It feels like there is truth to it based on research I've done. The second post sounds like someone trying to discredit the truth. Why?

    You could google your...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Happy Birthday, Ulli!!!:handshake::heart::heart:

    I've been stuck at home except for short periods with other people in their vehicles with no working car and no Internet. However, friends came...
  11. Re: Tuning Forks for altering frequency and clearing biofield disturbances

    Great info! Thanks for sharing.

    Haven't seen the vid yet, but this makes total sense.

    May wholeness and perfection be yours now.
    With compassionate love,
  12. Re: Alex Collier....the fence is's all over but the shoutin'?

    From my personal experience, I've experienced a radical change in consciousness. I'm a part of the One, so all will change. I'm witnessing other people going through these same types of intense...
  13. Re: Amazing Personal Stories of Manifestation

    This miracle stresses the importance of "letting go".

    I had this double thumb drive holder with navy blue netting on a lanyard I wore around my neck when teaching computer classes. The two thumb...
  14. Re: Amazing Personal Stories of Manifestation

    What a great thread!

    I'm honing this process consciously and with vigilance. I have many stories, but I'll start with the beach story....

    One day when I was teaching 6th grade math in Daytona...
  15. Re: Strange Events A Personal Experience at 4 am

    I'll tell you what first comes to me...

    Once when I was taking an overnight train from Nice, France to Venice, Italy, some robbers came into our room and sprayed us with something. I heard noises,...
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    Re: Censor for truthers on Facebook

    Anyone who thinks they can outrun or obliterate the truth is severely participating in self-deception and is pulling the wool over their own eyes when they think they are deceiving others. This is...
  17. Re: Mastering the Mechanics of Perception ~ Belief Matrix

    From my perspective belief systems are programs and are indeed synthetic. Attunement to absolute truth helps replace faulty systems.

    Calibration of soul to spirit, or part to whole, if you will. ...
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    Re: Avalon monthly remote viewing?

    I didn't get back to the thread in time for the first test, but I will participate on the second test.

    Thanks! I'll get back to you...

    Michelle Marie
  19. Re: PLEIADIAN Books: FRAUD or LEGIT? (Your quick opinion)

    The Earth, the Cosmos, and You was published in the late 90s. My grandmother told me how great it was and I read it then, and then again in the last couple of years. Helpful.

    Information about a...
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    Re: Road to world peace

    Re: original post...

    This is a great vision to hold together in our inner world. The inner is causative and creates the outer. I've spent a lot of time holding the intention and vision of our...
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