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    Re: Why you need to start meditation, now!

    Thanks for the kick start as I do want and need to get into routine meditation sessions I function with much more clarity, reassurance and overall gentleness to self and everything...
  2. Re: Kick-em-Jenny Volcano causing orange alert in the West Indies

    Dear Ulli,

    May You and Yours as well as all Islanders be kept alert, protected and safe during this ensuing event.
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    Re: All that is evil will soon come to light...

    She is a psychopath IMHO !! I am speaking my truth more and more and seem unable to stop myself, thus many a family member and a few friends are quite miffed or not pleased with my "negativity"...
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    Re: Deeply, deeply horrifying all around...

    Gaia, even though this event is good to be exposed, the flashbacks must be painful. Blessings for your life and healing for your loss. Hugs
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    Re: Canada: Election 2015

    Green Party and Elizabeth May.................

    When their election promises fail just like the Conservative, Liberals and NDP maybe the citizens of this country would truly wake up and band...
  6. Thread: Greece problem

    by sandy

    Re: Greece problem

    Germany is just a puppet, like the US and is doing the bidding of the Banksters/Elite IMHO.....T

    There is only one power, frantically making the move to Globalization, so that they can lay claim...
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    Re: How are we feeling today?

    I feel flat, as in resigned and accepting to the process I'm currently going through............not joyous and yet not depressed or sad; flat...this too shall pass ...:)
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    Re: Pope Francis: This is good stuff

    Sounds to me like more take on the responsibility of continued scarcity, do without for the sake of the earth>>>all laid on the shoulders of the mention of the release of Free energy...
  9. Re: Something very powerful and beautiful has happened.

    Awesome and Inspiring!! Thank you :)
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    Re: Geodesic dome house.

    Wow, what a lot of work you are doing and accomplishing Hughe>>>>>enjoying your journey as you post you steps along the way. Thank you for sharing as it is very interesting and heart warming to see...
  11. Re: Britain Pulls Out Spies As Russia, China Crack Snowden Files

    Red Herring written all over it>>>>>distraction and dis-info IMHO.
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    Re: Our try at making videos for people

    Beautiful message and video all the way around maxy999 and girlfriend. Loved it :)
  13. Re: New Canadians irked by insensitive and incompetent immigration attitude

    We all need to prepare to stop participating as much as possible......

    stop consuming and live simple lives and when we all get with the self empowerment paradigm the system fails. We then truly...
  14. Re: John Kerry: Two Black Eyes, Broken Nose? And Now A Broken Leg...

    Bones and bruises are more prone to damage with age and lets face it ones spacial and awareness abilities diminish too with time>>>>>>>>he is no youngster...........multitasking may not be in the...
  15. Re: The Smoking Gun - Special Operations Manual SOM1-01

    Psalm (psychological word for many) 101_ new program or first step................and a TV production besides????? I like Dolan and Stone but really.......................what a bunch of supposition...
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    Nothing but a bunch of "knuckle draggers" !!:thumbsdown:
  17. Re: Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barcleys and RBS found guilty of rigging foreign exchange prices of U.S. dollars and euros from Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2013.

    Fines my rear end..............they need to be charged and jail sentences handed out accordingly and then their way of business shut down permanently!!
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    Re: ? ? ? interest in a daily news digest ? ? ?

    Thank you e.Man, and a Big WELCOME :)

    I think we need to get all the info we can these days so your efforts will be highly appreciated by me.........:highfive:
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    Thank you to our First Nations people in Canada :heart:

    Through hundreds of years of ongoing repression, suppression and ongoing oppression they continue to hold onto their values and traditions...
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    Canadians in general are really not a whole lot more least my family and extended circle of people have no real idea about the Bank of Canada and how we too borrow money from the...
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