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  1. Re: Mr Robot, new conspiracy hacker anonymous rebel tv show. Im so hooked

    I just watched the last episode and thought the same thing. The internal dialogue of Elliot is very similar to fight club. I have this feeling that Elliot is (Cristian Slater) and that he will find...
  2. Re: 14 Jul 2015 - NASA's Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter

    More CGI fakery from NASA????
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    This is what is written in the Quran, that Jesus was not crucified, I always thought that meant that he survived it, but the english translation is "so it was made to appear to them", in the sayings...
  4. Re: 6 Jul 2015 - Latest Images of Pluto from New Horizons

    more CGI fakes from NASA
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    Re: What is Humanity's purpose?

    According to Anastasia of Siberia.. it is

    "Co-creation, and joy from its contemplation"
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    Re: Open Letter To Mr. Putin and the People Of Russia

    I think this quote is about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars/Ancestral Homestead movement
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    Re: Asthma..... What works for you?

    Buteyko method - basically hold your breath after the out breath,for a count of 10-15 (whatever you can muster) then breath in up to 80% through nostrils, exhale really slowly, then repeat...
  8. Re: Photograph of Anunnaki? Non dead non living body found in Iran

    This reminds me of a story my uncle told me, about Islamic martyrs, it says in the Quran, that whoever dies in the path of God, "you think him dead, but he is alive" (something like that), anyway...
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    Has the Illuminati gone public?

    Also twitter account, looks interesting that has been some tweets to it from people in the entertainment industry... facebook also looks interesting....
  10. Re: The BRICS bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency - Anthony Migchels, REAL Currencies - - you can download the first book "Anastasia" from kindle for free...
  11. Re: The BRICS bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency - Anthony Migchels, REAL Currencies

    The grassroots spiritual movement in Russia is Vladimir Megre/Anastasia - Ringing Cedars... the law is about to be passed that will grant any family a hectare of land for free, and also to help the...
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    Re: Ben Fulford update 7-14_2014

    According to the info from the Anastasia books, there are 6 priests of which there is a High Priest.. who rule the world using remote viewing/influencing.. Their names are NOT known, they may only...
  13. Re: Holographic Michael Jackson "wowing audience" BLUEBEAM TECH

    Guys, this wasnt a real hologram, it was just a 3d projection.. it was good, but not that good.. the tupac thing was done using a 16th century trick called 'peppers ghost'. As for the dancers...
  14. Living in the "REAL" World - Arthur Cristian - loveforlife

    Living in the "REAL" World - Arthur Cristian - loveforlife
    The Steps Of Kindom

    by Arthur & Fiona Cristian
    Love For Life

    7th February 2012
    (Written 2006/2007 as an email to a friend and...
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    Re: Santos Bonacci Arrested and in Custody

    Guys, all the freeman stuff might be true according to their laws, their system, but they will even break them to get who they want, they did this to Arthur Cristian, and they have done it to Santos,...
  16. Thread: Orgasms

    by Mitm

    Re: Orgasms

    Anastasia says that the energy released from an orgasm (though not sure if its only when a Man & womans energy meet), an unembodied spirit is created.. as that energy has to go somewhere and doesnt...
  17. Re: The Kundalini Is The Holy Spirit! What Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know

    My Kundalini Experiences ...
    1st 2 were at a spiritual retreat,while doing "dyads", energy started in base chakra and worked its way up, it feels like bubbles going up the middle of the body, I...
  18. Re: THE SYRIA SITUATION : NEWS + UPDATES (merged threads)

    How do you know these arent mostly staged? Remember they planned for syria since 2007, All the so called rebels are NATO Saudi/Turkish/Israeli Mercs.. who is paying them? who else is providing arms...
  19. Re: THE SYRIA SITUATION : NEWS + UPDATES (merged threads)

    This is what SyrianCommando was warning about... deliberately leaking those fake emails to make the Syrian Electronic Army look bad... turns out what he said was true...
  20. Re: The Wisdom of Anastasia - Quote from Book 2 - Ringing Cedars of Russia

    This time is different though says Anastasia, this time we can finally make it, and no need for cycles anymore... We are creating it all now. This is what her dream is all about... "transporting...
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