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  1. Re: Our great friend Bob Dean has passed: 11 October, 2018

    So sad news. He was such a noble & wise soul. His interviews will always be my favourite among all Project Camelot interviews.

    Thanks Mr. Dean - and may your path be in light/freedom.
  2. Re: Allison Coe, QHHT practitioner sharing knowledge from sessions

    You are not the only one Chris, I am a bit younger, and I am in the same situation. I have pretty much lost interest in many things I used to like or research.


    So, it's not only...
  3. Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    Very very interesting thread.

    So whether one is mainstream or "alternative" same patterns happen when ego is activated. Very mechanical & predictable as Robert Anton Wilson would say.

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    Re: New Wes Penre Videos

    Thank you Wes for your excellent research and all material! These helped me a lot to connect the dots.

    Greetings from Istanbul!
  5. Re: Is having children a crime against humanity?

    Dear Flash,

    I don't agree with the content, but thanks for above excellent post. I was really shocked to see the narrowness & rigidity (and in some posts, outright ridiculosity) of point views...
  6. Re: Is having children a crime against humanity?

    on the contrary, only a "hormone-washed" minion could think of having children (more minions) in today's world.

    see, the problem with alternative community is being so quick to name others who do...
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    Re: Bette Davis Eyes

    Stevie Nicks exactly! :) No voice and no performance like her.

    Bonnie Tyler had some excellent songs with Mike Oldfield & Rick Wakeman by the way. She's also special for prog-rockers :)
  8. Re: Jordan Peterson: A Voice Uttering Horse Sense In A Desert Of Thoughts

    Hey Flash, if you ever see that Canadian psychologist again remind him/her about the repressing of women, disrespect to feminine side, not having vote in political system etc.etc. To be honest the...
  9. Re: Bye, Bye Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency :(

    Exactly! I cant help thinking about Firefly, Flashforward & Forever!
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    Re: Prostate cancer

    Dear Matisse,

    In my experience as a pharmacist the best supplements for prostate cancer are lycopene, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and pygeum africanum extract (by this order). But these give...
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    Re: The Serpent, the Black Sun, HPB & St. Germain

    Excellent as usual. Post #250 will be a goldmine for me. Thanks shaberon!
  12. Re: Why you should add salt - not sugar - to your coffee

    Oh dear, oh dear, NOT coffee again!!

    There was a thread on coffee a while back. Yes, it IS a super food if you consume it in balance. I didn't ever try it with salted butter. Will do tomorrow! ...
  13. Re: Greek & other cultures' Gods and Goddesses were Anunnaki?

    Thanks for bringing this old thread into light, I've missed this before.

    Interestingly I am reading Wes Penre's Level-IV papers at the moment and he provides excellent information on this - all...
  14. Re: John Lear alleges a holographic veil hides a civilization of 3 billion people on the moon

    Sometimes I wonder, what might be the reason for some outright ridiculous/rubbish information that comes from people in alternative media? What might be the motive of saying "there are 3 billion...
  15. Re: IRAN - a big WOW here! (Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Arrested For Inciting Unrest)

    Ok just to clarify, most of Turkish newspapers can be better used as toilet papers - just like in any other country. But this news is all over the place - from left-wing opponent newspapers to...
  16. Re: Good news for X-Files and Chris Carter fans...

    I knew there was a thread on new X-files season (S.11).

    The first episode aired recently and I've amazingly witnessed one of the best summary ever on TV in first 3 min 40 secs of the episode....
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    And a very happy new year from Istanbul to all Avaloners! :)
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    Re: Dark - Netflix

    Unfortunately character developments were horrible in this show. The plot is good but the characters are soo dumb & antipathetic that you lose interest in a couple of episodes. I thought this would...
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    Re: The Alien Presence - Tom Montalk

    Aaah Tom & good old Noble Realms forum :)

    So far the best information I've ever seen and shared was at that forum - besides PA. It's been closed for a loong time but here's the link:
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    Re: Heart Issues: Experience, Advice and Insights

    I'm following Dr. Stephen Sinatra's work* for a couple of years now and I recommend most people 100-300 mg Coenzyme Q10 eveyday for energy & healthy heart functions. There are more natural...
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