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  1. Re: Spiritual Evolution and Veganism: a New Argument

    THANK YOU,samwisethebrave,what a lovely well worded and articulate argument that you have posted here,i really liked the points you have made about spiritual growth. i am not a vegan but i have just...
  2. Re: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge

    good thread cidersomerset(spud to friends)now here`s a thought, if blackmiling is as rife as you say..and i have no reason to doubt it,then it potentially could have been used on tony blair,because...
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    Re: Sweetener for tea and coffee

    Hi ammit,unbleached sugar is best which is readily available at all supermarkets,and thumbs up to you for avoiding aspartame which is responsible for SO many ailments,
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    Re: Spider occult symbolism...?

    Hi, samwisethebrave,
    good luck with your video project,i would be interested to see your results, the symbolism connection is very interesting and coincidently i had a...
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    Re: how to raise your consciousness

    thanks for posting this film Tyy1907,i thought it was great,really uplifting,im off out to my back of course.
  6. Re: SHOCKING : UFOs: The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014....RICHPLANET

    i saw this film about two months ago and agree with becky in that it is shocking, because after you have been on this site for a few it or not,complacency does creep into the way we think...
  7. Re: Mysterious strange rumbling sound driving some sensitive people insane!

    im not sure if iv ever heard this sound/noise, has anyone got an audio of it?

    ok iv heard it now....nope never heard that before.
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    you know a few years ago i would not have given this news item a second thought regarding the manipulation of the whole situation by unseen forces,but now i see every violent act in the middle east...
  9. Re: Two Fat Fingers to the EU establishment: Farage, Le Pen

    some interesting comments so far,and i was thinking that the results of the european elections must be a serious thorn in the side of the globalist elite who have been trying to engineer a one world...
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    Re: JOHN MACK - A Major Motion Picture

    I am glad that this film is going to be made, and glad also that Denise Williams has decided to try to raise funds rather than let hollywood money men run amok with all its potential artistic...
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    Re: UFO attack in Afghanistan

    i think it was back in the ninties during the first gulf war that the U S first unveiled the 117a stealth aircraft, even though it had been prototyped in the early 70s, well we have known...
  12. Re: This is what the rings of a tree sound like!!

    is this for real?? Excuse my french but its bloody amazing!!
  13. Re: MOVE ALONG !!...George Carlin expresses this brilliantly:......It's a big club and you & me ain't in it !!

    Nice film cidersomerset,and so so if you can just talk someone into putting it on the ten o clock news we might start getting somewhere.
  14. Re: Fun Experiment...Mr Wizard debunks ice caps melting will cause the shores to flood.. // Killing Us Softly

    i was with the girl and theory still scratching my head,surely the glass can only hold a certain volume....Doh i get it now.
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    Re: Fishing -- With and Without Traditional Gear

    Hello tesla,your fishing post has left me baffled,as far as im aware fishing is when you go into a large supermarket and the equipment needed is a shopping trolley, or i believe you call them carts!...
  16. Re: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the Future

    How old is this story? its just that i seem to have heard this awhile ago but apologies if its new exomatrixTV
  17. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    Hi lysander,wish i was there too,enjoy your coffee and memories.
  18. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    I have to agree with everyone present it was a really nice way to spend a few hours,in the company of like minded people and it was a bonus to have miles turn up at our little avalon soiree,by the...
  19. Re: Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public Eye

    Hi michaelv,yeah lots of info in this film though to be fair most of it isnt new, but still v interesting, although i did find the narrators voice very irritating.
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    Re: The Astrology of Ziggy Stardust

    thanks for posting this dianna,David bowie has been my musical hero since i was 14,when one day my older sister asked me if i would like to borrow an album which i had not heard of called"Hunky...
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