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    Re: Alien Conspiracy Theories

    Loved the CIA memorandum on how to film UFOs.
  2. Re: 7/7: R.I.P. J.F.K. & U.S.A. - Dallas Shooting

    George W Bush: all you need to know about the state of the world. When a dullard, a buffoon, a drunken AWOL soldier can become the "leader" of the "free world"?

    I read this thread 7 times in the...
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    Re: Appendicitis ; advice alternative treatment

    Not even sure how to prevent this type of issue other than clean living, stress free, avoiding known toxins. The appendix has a role, granted, but it's functions can be easily picked up by other...
  4. Thread: Stargates

    by conk

    Re: Stargates

    Callum Coats is the foremost expert author on Viktor Schauberger and in one of his books he writes about Schauberger's thoughts on the Sun. He maintains we do not get warmth from the Sun, that the...
  5. Re: Last hope? You decide... (Putin begs the media to wake up)

    The media is wide awake and alert to the controller's wishes. Doing an excellent job as the propaganda arm of the government.
  6. Re: 13% of American voters prefer a giant meteor over Trump or Clinton

    At least we'd know what to expect from the meteor and we'd know that it wasn't sanctioned by the banks or oil thugs.
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    Re: The Night Watch: Sergei Lukyanenko,204,203,200_.jpg

    These books...
  8. Re: The presence of a being - with a door/wall in between - totally changed my inner state of being

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    Re: Overwhelming Emotion

    Whatever, don't let it bottle up. Crying releases emotional and physical toxins.
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    Re: 'The end is coming,' says Ron Paul

    Paul is now fully blue in the face and still few listen to him.
  11. Re: Anti-Gravity From A Bug's Wing - More Than Just Possible.

    Viktor Schauberger proposed the idea of anti-gravity as a tool used by bumble bees many years ago. Quite interesting reading about this amazing man. He wrote about living water, free energy, and many...
  12. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub - 49 dead, shooter killed

    The crisis actors should really take classes on crying. They all have this phony, dry sniff sniff. Emoting dramatically, with no tears, no drawn facial expression. Look at someone who is really...
  13. Re: Are You Really Spiritual Or Are You Just Fooling Yourself?

    If living life in the preferred manner, doing dishes is meditation. ;) Anything that engages the mind fully, at the exclusion of past and future concerns, is a true meditation and a real gift.
  14. Re: CE3 (The Lonnie Zamora Incident) (Animated Re-enactment) (Excerpts)

    Most excellent. You've a future in B movie, sci fi soundtrack development. ;) Very cool. This account always intrigued me, from many years ago to present.
  15. Re: Intel computers hide another CPU that can take over your machine

    Carmody says "Now we have all of it recorded and kept. All." What a monumental chore, cataloging and retrieving such an Everest of data!
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    Re: Non-mainstream MDs' Fatal Fate

    A friend who practices natural medicine has decided to retire outside the USA. He's had enough and is scared. The authorities brought him before a board and challenged his methods. He had records...
  17. Re: Unexplainable audio time phenomenon with manifestation on external YouTube video seconds later

    Welcome! Is that you with the Strat (?) ?
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    Re: Massive object passes Jupiter, quickly.

    Thanks Bill. The mysteries don't yield to such ease of revelation. :) Proper discernment wasn't employed, knowing that most of these videos are more speculation than fact.
  19. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub - 49 dead, shooter killed

    Had it been a little old man selling raw milk on his tiny farm the SWAT team would have been there before the teat left his hand.
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    Massive object passes Jupiter, quickly.

    An object estimated to be the size of Mercury was photographed passing by Jupiter and it's four largest moons. The very large object moves extremely...
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