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  1. Re: KickassTorrents down: Feds have seized domains and arrested owner

    Polish authorities must have acted the same way New Zealand ones did over Kim Dotcom, the German living in NZ. Except NZ is part of the 5 eyes spy sharing network. Unless they did a Mordachai Vanunu...
  2. Re: Galactic Connection Show 19th July 2016 - Simon Parkes Responds To The Community

    Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams sums this saga up pretty good!
  3. Re: Excellent moon landing hoax interview with Bart Sibrel.

    Thin bits of plastic shield against the radiation of the Van Allen belts! Did someone forget to tell NASA?
  4. Re: David Wilcock update 19 June 2016: Full Disclosure and Ascension - The War Has Gone Hot!

    The 'hostile UFO' Ines is called a 'bird'. Airplane has just taken off, is still at low altitude and pilot is turning onto track to destination as well as vacating runway heading in case plane behind...
  5. Re: Has anyone been contacted by Disinformation Agents working for the government?

    Eth Und, it sounds like they were looking for a 'chink' in your armour! Tell them no, not tarot, the I 'ching' is more profitable.
  6. Re: Obama plans to reveal massive cache of UFO secrets before leaving office: report

    There will be no disclosure. That is an idea (scam) so Hillary can bait the UfO 'crowd' into voting for her. If she was to get in, she will string it out to get the same votes for a 2nd term, telling...
  7. Re: Alleged E.T. and Human Collaboration Base in Antarctica

    I agree with you Wide-Eyed. I too find the story very hard to swallow. Aircrew know exactly how many souls are on board. The vague details may well be to hide identity of the exact flight and crew,...
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    Re: If you knew more...

    If you believe this, and I do cautiously at present that Dan Crain, formerly Dan Burisch has been recently reinstalled as MJ1 again in the CRNA maj
    (combined reformed north american consistitory)...
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    Re: The Billy Meier case: what's the truth?

    'Billy was given metal pieces but by morning they had dissolved'. It all sounds too much like the gangbanksters and Fort Knox who offer up much the same excuses.

    Dissolving metals with acids is...
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    Re: Flat Earth Idea - Why so popular?

    F.E.ers are T.A.P.S I.M.O
  11. Re: Did we go to the Moon or not? Give me your best reasons

    Nick Matkin, your links show a craft went to the moon, as did a Russian one 2 months earlier.
    The doubt is if any men were inside.
    Mythbusters is a joke. They have even said themselves, we are...
  12. Re: BOB DEAN turned 87 on 2 March. Post your good wishes here, and I'll send them all to him. :)

    Great stuff! I was thinking about Bob just the other day. Love that guy. A true gentleman who by his own admission was not always so. I am still learning myself all the time and use Bob Deans, and...
  13. Re: Bill Ryan in my new documentary ('Alien Reptilian Legacy' - release March 2016)

    Bill, great list. I would just add, Don't mention the Jews.
    Alex doesn't very often! He gets attacked for it all the time. And BTW I have just praised him in the other thread about AJ exposed,...
  14. Re: Bill Ryan in my new documentary ('Alien Reptilian Legacy' - release March 2016)

    I am very much looking forward to this. For a long time. Great news to have a date for release of the whole thing. Thanks for your effort.
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?

    Gotta love Alex, to quote him ' what are YOU doing to wake people up'? the haters never offer anything, never tell us who we should pay attention to, only who not to. I find them insulting to my...
  16. Re: David Paulides' research: over 1600 inexplicable abductions in National Parks, wilderness, and urban areas

    I too have heard many David Paulides interviews and agree with Bills opinion of him. It is not impossible that he is being fed at least some disinfo. The 'impossible cases' that scare us and make us...
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    Re: Is Dan Burisch's testimony to be believed?

    Uncle John, I have paid attention to you and your battles/exchanges with and about the DB case for years. there will be few here if any that are more up to speed on it. I also pay attention to the...
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    Re: Sean David Morton

    Gripreaper, or anyone else that knows their stuff, could you please explain how when the bank didn't lend me any money to buy my house when I got my mortgage, that the vendors did actually end up...
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    Re: Unbelievable conspiracies

    If those double sun are not photoshop hoaxes, and/or lens anomalies as I suspect, do consider how many and the shape of all those clear shiny things in those cameras including windows between your...
  20. Re: Bob Lazar Interview 25 Years Later about Element 115

    I have always believed Bob Lazar. Not so with many others, including some that have come and gone here on avalon over the years. I look forward to Jeremy Corbells interviews with Bob and those...
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