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    Re: The Time To Stop ISIS is Now

    thanks for responding so quickly ... Enoch's prophecies written over 9,000 years ago , warned us of the day we live in now ... the terrible things in the book of revelations ... We must stop ISIS...
  2. Re: Interesting microscopic(?) artefact in NASA Mars Photograph (Sol 3720)

    Symbols are the language of the Universe , somebody could have left a calling card , who knows , it brings to mind the old phrase , set in stone ... it looks like the symbol for the word - Being ...
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    The Time To Stop ISIS is Now

    Hello everyone , Please take some time and read this blog by Michael Horn ... The only way we survive is united in purpose ... We...
  4. Re: Scientists Discover 'Invisible Shield' Around Earth, Baffled At How It Formed!

    patience brings roses but first it brings buds ... I want NASA and science to catch up with us ... they think this shield is an accident or something??? creation has the ultimate wisdom ,...
  5. Re: Researcher claims discovery of alien photos

    From what I've read about Roswell , human beings from the Zeta-Reticulum star system , build advanced androids for deep space exploration ... The Navy saw the craft , and tested a new weapon on it ,...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

    I third that emotion ... and hope everyone makes everyday thanksgiving ... family , unity , feeding the hungry , and un-winding together , telling stories of remember back in the day ...
  7. Re: Our very own Bill Ryan gets a mention in the mainstream news

    too kewl ... they will discover life did not originate on Earth ... Mars was our home , then Earth ...
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    Re: Has the Illuminati gone public?

    They have been out in the open and in your face for sometime now ... their paws are everywhere ... They don't even try to hide their presence , or their influence or anything ...We've all seen it ,...
  9. Re: Michael Brown's family response to grand jury

    divide and conquer , even between the parents ... the PTB love this kind of crisis ... controlling the talk around the water cooler at work ... This is harsh but it's reality , He reaped what he had...
  10. Re: Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered

    the ET's say in the fourth century , the Christians in their war to stop all other religions destroyed ancient writings/scrolls containing natural ways to heal , ancient ways to make medicine ,...
  11. Re: Ferguson police PLANNED night riots, used incendiaries, lit fires and kept them going, all for show.

    test run for martial law ... I dreamed about this three or four months ago , during an OBE I visited that area , chaos and glass breaking and the police too busy, calling 911 would get you nowhere...
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    Re: Mysterious Roman God Baffles Experts

    He is standing on a spaceship and beaming out of it , holding the tree of life ( the DNA strand ) with the reptile DNA on his right side ... it's just what I see , who knows ...
  13. Re: The next climate phase- discussion SuspiciousObservers

    climate change is more like it in my humble opinion ... between the Greenland record ice melt and all the numerous global changes in just the last three years , global warming is not a scam , it is...
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    Re: HOAX: Lawrence Spencer's 'ALIEN INTERVIEW'

    The writings of Mr. Spencer read like a book written after reading Col Corso's book The Day After Roswell ...
  15. Re: Manufacture Crisis : This time in Ferguson , Missouri

    sadly , if parents taught their kids to respect adults , the police , and the elderly , chances are , Mike would still be alive ... think of it , two men , and their thinking/thought patterns ,...
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    Re: Have you ever seen a ufo?

    1986 Ft. Bragg , at night we were on the DZ waiting for a tank drop from a C-130 , my squad leader and I were task to recover the parachutes after the tank came off the pad ... sitting in the Hummer...
  17. Re: Master healer uses chi to restore sight and burn newspaper

    mind body spirit... this is one of the fruits of spirit power , Imagine a primitive Earth and this guy lands , walks out and demonstrates starting fire with his mind , I bet the natives would say he...
  18. Re: Is this 179-year-old Indian the oldest man alive?

    the people written about in the King James translation of the dead sea scrolls has writing that tells of people living to be around 1,000 years old ...just like our ET friends , until the Syrian...
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    exactly for the NSA to go on camera and say , if the Chinese attack our power grid , there is nothing we can do about it , how silly ... Has the guy ever played poker ??? your spot on Jerry , I...
  20. Re: Predictive Imprinting and the Importance of Sci-Fi...

    people do it anyway without thinking about it ...the unconscious mind never sleeps ... it's always creating ...
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