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  1. Re: Childhood's End

    too late ... i saw all 3 episodes and ,... it was a waste of time.

    They have included everything. Spirituality, Love, aliens, god, consciousness, prophecies etc etc ...

    there are so many...
  2. Re: Childhood's End

    Its like the antichrist with an alien twist ... they are what they look like ...
  3. Childhood's End

    For those that missed this ...
    Childhood's End

    I am amazed and this ... i am sure there will be alot of people that can spot huge amounts of weirdness ...

    It feels so wrong watching this...
  4. Re: The Alex Jones Show and then there's Bill Ryan

    You need to see this from a different point of view ... maybe for us he is a bit off and his anger is too much ... but for the "sheeple" as some say ... he is the slap in the face they need to start...
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    Counter-extremism made in the UK.

    Hi all,

    Today at work i read the following 2 articles ... i am still shocked of the obvious police state propaganda.

    Counter-extremism: May targets 'all those who spread hate'

    Can David...
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    Re: China and the new world order

    China is the future face of Global society. The PTB used USA to create and enforce the global Governance and now they will change the world to look like China.

    100% state "Capitalism" for the few...
  7. Re: Military aircrafts flying with apparant UFO?

    Come on guys ... it looks so fake ...

    1st of all why B2s? and the front fighter looks like F14!!! ...

    they are flying like they are stuck with each other in a big triangle ...

    my 2 cents
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    Re: Thorium Electric plant - realizable?

    i agree but they wont allow that till they lose power ... thorium at least is still in their control as centralized energy BUT alot more countries can have it eventually.

    Its not the best...
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    Re: Thorium Electric plant - realizable?

    SO anyone know or found any new info on this? ... i mean will this be left to grow or ... its too much against oil interests?
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    Re: Ted Cruz's message

    Just an example of what people can do if they open their eyes :-)

    doesnt matter what the specific issue was ... but when you have people that stand up to those clowns ... and boo them ... maybe...
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    Re: The Creatures Get Swatted on Stream

    the said on the comments that someone make a call about a bomb etc ... but still 4-5 fully armed swat team members Vs 1 kid and they knee him , step on him etc to put him on hand cuffs ... you can...
  12. Re: David Wilcock comments on Fulford's latest Update from 8/26/14

    well after so many times that both of the authors mentioned in the ops post ... why we keep listening to them?

    I cant believe much of what we hear from many people in alternative news / movement....
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    Re: The Creatures Get Swatted on Stream

    Yes i read about that also but ... he is a kid playing on a pc ... they didnt find anything and it was obvious that they were looking to find something to put him in. Imagine if he didnt hear them...
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    The Creatures Get Swatted on Stream

    This is wrong in many levels...

    You can go and comment alot of time that the police just "shouldnt" act like that.

    You have a obvious kid playing a game and they treat him like a criminal....
  15. Re: Germany seeking to leave European Union (EU) and join BRICS (Sorca Faal)

    If Germany does join then the BRICS is ... PTB plan for the new currency system.
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    Re: From Bill Ryan -- the Ultimate Hypothesis

    Actually, no, the experiment where people were locked away from the daylight cycle led to their circadian rhythms adapting to a 29 to 36 hour period, not 25. ;-)

    Also it would seem a...
  17. Re: The BRICS bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency - Anthony Migchels, REAL Currencies

    from One (Dollar atm) to many ... so more democratic ... but less obvious who controls what. They will say its a coop of all those nation ... but who controls them? Or who controls from the...
  18. Re: Santos Bonacci speaks after court - exposes entire legal fraud to news

    there are many people that claim / try to teach us about our rights.

    But its so complicated and so difficult to understand and use that in the end for 99.9% of the people its seems as crazy.

  19. Re: Russell Brand accuses Sean Hannity of fueling prejudice against the Palestinians

    It's already been proven that Hamas didn't kill those teenagers, so there's no excuses for this arrogant nutjob to say this. Who still respects this guy or Hannity?[/QUOTE]

    And this is where all...
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    Re: US House votes to sue Obama

    you need to distance your self from both parties .. they are the same. If you consume your self because of this then nothing will ever change.

    People still believe in the laws ... so they think...
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