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  1. lasers and exploding smart meters meight have been used to start bushfires

    Just recieved an email with a link to an australian news site (NEWS.COM.AU):...
  2. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Sometimes a picture says more than words
  3. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Iraq lodges complaint to UN chief, UNSC over US assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, Muhandis

    Iraq says it has lodged a formal complaint to the UN chief and the UN Security Council (UNSC) over the...
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    Re: Has anyone actually seen a Thunderbird?

    In think that the american indians called the loud crafts that their "gods" came down in thunderbirds, since they had no better word for it.
  5. Re: Easter Island : Experts unravel mystery of ancient statues (bollocks I say)

    also on easter Island:
  6. Re: Sphinx Statue with Ceremonial Beard Discovered
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    Re: Has Egypt's second sphinx been found?

    Laughable, it´s just 1 meter small. More of a furniture.
  8. Re: Russia suggests sabotage on the International Space Station

    Maybe related:
    The contract for flights of US astronauts with Russian space capsules to the International Space Station ISS will expire in the coming year, according to Moscow. "Our commitment to...
  9. Re: Dinosaurs - Anyone Know A 'Valid' Reason For Their Extinction?
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    Yeah, but if you disable "Web-and App-Activity" then it´s off. No big deal.

    Link to the disable tracking option:
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    Re: The malaise ! Can anyone relate ?

    Time to move
  12. Re: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars

    Spotify banned InfoWars.

    Twitter is not banning InfoWars / Alex Jones.

    Jack Dorsey (Twitter Chief) tweeted that:
    We didn’t suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday. We know that’s...
  13. Re: Buzz Aldrin seemingly admitting the moon landing did not happen

    The Humboldt Crater
  14. Biggy / Tupac Movie "City of Lies" pulled 1 month before release

    Johnny Depp´s Notorious B.I.G. Movie City of Lies pulled a month before Release

    City of Lies, the crime thriller starring Johnny Depp as LAPD Detective Russell Poole investigating the murders of...
  15. Re: Buzz Aldrin seemingly admitting the moon landing did not happen

    Rare pic of the Moons atmosphere !
    with the happy face crater ;)

    some other interesting pics
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    Re: Some Troubling Developments in Venezuela

    Total BS, he wishes. There was a gasexplosion nearby that he want to use for his (or somebodys) agenda.

    From Associated Press (AP):
    In the case of three firefighters who did not want to be named,...
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    Re: Strange shadow & water wake filmed

    Looks like a wind rose on water to me.
  18. Re: Buzz Aldrin seemingly admitting the moon landing did not happen

    makes me wonder … hmmm.
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    Re: Worldwide Engineered Weather Catastrophe?

    So all the totally mystified career fire chiefs just need to adjust, there's no chance anyone with the power to do so would order the military to do anything nefarious that hurts an innocent citizen...
  20. Re: Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse & Last Time Mars Got This Close Iraq War Was Declared - Latest

    I didn´t take that photo. The top you see there is the top of the "Heiliggeistkirche" (Holy spirit church). It´s in München (Munich / Germany). Typical Jesuit symbolism (all seeing eye). Over the...
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