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  1. Re: When you're thinking of bugging out? Better think again....

    20 years ago my co-driver, (girl friend, - partner) and I, delivered a load of steel to, Mercury, Nevada. That's where area 51 is located. We left the guard shack. Up over a hill and into a valley...
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    Re: N. Korea wants to launch a 'satellite'

    The blank stare of a spoiled little rich kid, that has no clue as to how the world works, is quite... "un-nervingly", spooky... "IMHO"!!!

    Not the picture of someone you would care to see with his...
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    Re: Another Planet in our solar system ?

    Hey folks!!! The power lines are "BEHIND" that thing!!!!!!

    "Planet"???????? Riiiigggghhhhtt!!!!:wizard:
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    Re: You Are Here To Wake Up

    Perhaps!!! But then some times a bit of That is needed, to awaken the sleeping.ccc

    "What should we be doing?" Eh??ccc

    Hmm, yes... what should we do?

    A bit of reading. Yep!! Just a bit MORE...
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    Re: You Are Here To Wake Up

    I am, I am!!!

    I woke up four years ago!!! Been trying to help others wake up ever since.

    Even gave you the very same method that I used!!!

    And here you are... still just talkin !!

  6. Re: Tracking Enemies of the State across many lifetimes

    Facial recognition software is an extremely spooky thing!!! I have mentioned on several threads that as a "long-haul" Trucker, traveling quickly back and forthe across this country, (U.S.) one will...
  7. Re: The World As We Know It Has Changed And There Is No Going Back To What We Were - 6 Predictions

    Next month will mark four (4) years that I have been a member of PA, talkin about my "jump to Light Speed"!!!!!!! And yes, those of us who have... are making changes... that will "never"be...
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    Re: H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Dosage..?

    Don't forget your Magnesium supliment!! Cells need it to absorb Oxygen!!! No Mag and Oxygen turns into Free Radicals and can do more harm than good.

    Another good way to get both, is something...
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    Bing Boing... Thanx Thanx!!!cccc

    If I. Had a new computer, instead of just my phone... would I post more???

    Ccccc...probley notcccc! As my record will clearly show...

    Just as in reading...
  10. Re: I would like to raise a point regarding the spirituality section

    Don't judge all by the same thread...

    Without my massive Ego... I would never have made

    The Jump To Light Speed!!!ccc.:wizard:
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    Re: We are being controlled... Are we?

    Y'all just don't understand how deep this thing called control, that you speak of really goes!!! COMPUTERS, really did it for them!!! With computers they can and do!!! TRACK...every single thing we...
  12. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    Wuz in my favorite grocery. Saw Mom shopping...and pushing cart, when needed... daughter (about 17) Wuz talking on c-phone,,, stepping aside thoughtfully so Mom could do her shopping... finally I...
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    Re: Dick pics, Snowden and John Oliver

    Comedic fashion has long since been a preferred method of spilling serious issues onto the table, when those same issues would be banned entirely by any other means.
    My hat's off to these...
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    Re: Memory Beyond

    Just as Saint Theresa said, you might wanna spend a bit more time here , getting to know folks

    Perhaps a stroll through the Spirituality Thread may produce some anewers to that which you seek, or...
  15. Re: Roman Sword and shipwreck discovered off Oak Island

    Thor Hyerdal proved that reed built boats, could make it to the S Pacific and back,,,, from Egypt
  16. Thread: Cancer

    by sirdipswitch

    Re: Cancer

    Hey 6pounder!!! Welcome aboard!!!

    Yer off to a great start with a find like this vid!!!

    Over the years I have read about all of these treatments. I have also read that Oxygen kills cancer....
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    Re: Putin the Time Traveler

    I lived in N Idaho, at that time.
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    Re: Putin the Time Traveler

    WAAAAYYYY back in my Trucking days, I had Sunday dinner with my Son and his Girl friend. Three days later I sat down to dinner in Tennessee and my waitress was the "Exact" duplicate of my Son's GF....
  19. Re: Supreme court justice agrees Obama guilty of treason

    Great one Rocky!

    Did y'all know the reason for the Civil War was NOT Slavery??? Nope!!! Was. Over "Who?" Controlled the money. It was Lincoln's idea to free the slaves... just to pisoff the other...
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    HEY!!! breal!!! Thanx fer the bump!!!

    Interesting note! Of those here at home, that I gave my little slip of paper with the (2) books
    and author and my phone number, the highest number of...
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