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  1. Re: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - The CE-5 Protocols

    Yes, I feel that the quality of intention is critical here; as Bob Dean used to declare: These beings could have 'cleaned our clock' many times over if their intentions were hostile towards humanity....
  2. Re: David Wilcock reviews the coronavirus pandemic

    I enjoyed his reference to Henry Deacon's D3 promotion, I forgot it is 10,000 IU's a day, which apparently is quite modest when you consider an afternoon in the sunshine can generate 16,000 IU's-and...
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    Re: All about baking soda

    You could use a little vinegar, a teaspoon of the powder, add your vinegar does it fizz and bubble? Chances are good it is sodium bicarbonate if so, but ginergly taste it, (haha) you know the taste...
  4. Re: Current Wikileaks and Assange News & Releases

    It is hard not to suspect Trump of forging a deal with his military intelligence keepers-he professed to 'love Wikileaks' back in his campaign highlights of 2016, perhaps now his survival politically...
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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    I cannot believe I have been a member of your forum for 10 years Bill, incredible how the time goes, Happy Birthday mate, many more of them too!
  6. Re: The Top Scientists Admit They Already Know This Secret | Gregg Braden

    In terms of this often cited proposal, that we are immersed within a computer simulation, I actually think this is the wrong way round, our computer technologies, and the fundamental coding...
  7. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    Exactly! I mentioned that in my reply also.
  8. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    I recall that there was a reference to a manufactured virus which singles out Chinese people a few years ago - part of that long term project to wipe out a good portion of the global population. What...
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    Re: It Will Be Done By 2030! [David Icke]

    I think they are waiting for the baby boomers to either die off, or be too old to care, we are the last generation with the backbone to resist the authoritarians and technocrats
  10. Re: Tom DeLonge, TTSA and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    Yes, many have wondered similarly, including someone I know who's been close to Richard for many years.

    Under the highly professional exterior, there are signs of stress. Every now and then, he...
  11. Re: An Intro to Ufology Web. UFO Studies for Ufologists & Journalists

    We are living through times where people are competing to gain traction, the legacy gatekeepers have lost their mantle of absolute authority and the wheels are spinning.
    The old order was founded on...
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    Re: List of introductory videos

    I think this topic intersects with my own research, and analysis of the effect of the WWW on our culture, which we blithely take for granted everyday, communication is absolutely central to the human...
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    Re: Considering Language

    This is interesting to me, because I am always working towards inviting literate people to consider the WWW as a vast publishing medium, which might sound a little obvious, but everywhere I look the...
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    Re: Is all this so...YESTERDAY?

    Yes Mike, you have nailed it - at least as far as my own studies of Jung and 'The Shadow' is concerned. It seems to me that there has always been this inability of many who embraced the 'Hippy'...
  15. Re: Tom DeLonge, TTSA and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    I can sympathise with people who are concerned with this military relationship and disclosure, but we do have a long history of military involvement with visitation.
    Staff Sergeant Robert O. Dean...
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    Re: Very Few People Can Actually Think

    Epistemology has always been my favorite branch of philosophy, I know this sounds a little pretentious, so I will call on your generosity and ask that you suspend your tendency to instantly judge...
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    Re: Life Created from Anti-Matter?

    I can recommend the work of a man who died in 1995, this man is overlooked by the science establishment because his ideas were confrontational to the authoritarian groups who constitute mainstream...
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    Re: Creating a Culture of Degenerates

    Postmodernism is a type of Nihilism in my book.
    The flourishing of post modernist analysis of culture has enabled the removal of previously venerated moral structures, the perspective of post...
  19. Re: Tom DeLonge, TTSA and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?


    Have you seen this yet guys? U.s Navy confirms gun camera footage-AND this Sunday we can expect a Bombshell announcement concerning Extra Terrestrial contact...what?
    Amazing if true,...
  20. Re: Are goodlooking people often a**holes? And why does Hollywood always seem to ruin good books?

    Hollywood seem to have produced very 'abridged' versions of the classics-I remember seeing 'Jane Eyre' the one where Aldous Huxley wrote the screenplay 1943, and 'How Green was my Valley' as typical...
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