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  1. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Mine were about driving down a road and the water comes. It washes the road out but there is nowhere to go because there is only water everywhere! Those were scary dreams. But they too stopped years...
  2. Re: Countries Remaining Independent From 2020 NWO Agenda / Escape From Tyranny Resources

    Hey Duk,

    If we let the entire world catch this flu then according to the death rate, 350 million people would die! Best to contain it as much as possible.
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    Re: What movies do you own?

    I just finished a DVD cabinet that holds 700 DVDs. It was filled the moment it was commissioned. I have another on the way and it will immediately be half filled when it is done.

    Besides that we...
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    Re: The Reality of Immortality amongst you

    My mind these days, having rejected almost all teachings as false, has begun contemplating whether the whole 'life' thing is even life. Every story told about why we are here seems to miss the point....
  5. Re: 900-year-old prediction of Popes coming to an end NOW

    The three secrets of Fatima:
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    Re: Political Egregores

    For me, the lesson was learned at age four. I learned that authority lied and withheld the truth when it suited. It was when my father became not a god but just a man in my eyes. I was very...
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    Re: You Are The Illuminati

    Then I kinda take back what I said. quid pro quo
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    Re: Would God really send people to hell....

    God is not a being, like you or I think we are.

    God is not keeping an eye out for little mindbender's next infraction, tallying it up in the 'good book'. No. God muses and we are the result. We...
  9. Re: David Wilcock reviews the coronavirus pandemic

    Thanks PathWalker. I would not recommend the video because of its unedited should have been under an hour. But good old David, at it again. But his positive message is much needed right...
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    Re: You Are The Illuminati

    We are imitators. We emulate our betters. In this society we all aspire to be little land moguls, small-time bankers, pretend investors, accountants. We play at those professions that our superiors...
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    Re: Help me decide my treatment

    So sorry to hear of your illness. I've no remedies to offer. But I have an observation.

    All that dowsing all those regions with all those horrendous future warnings that never came to be: while...
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    Re: Soundtrack for the end of the world

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    Re: The Reality of Immortality amongst you

    What is a body but a state of homeostasis? Yet a body is not a state at all but a process.

    What makes a process halt? It is when the state resists change.

    If the process is life, the state is...
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    Re: Black Ops 101 bet is to wait and see, I'd guess
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    Re: The Reality of Immortality amongst you

    I made the decision to live forever when I was a teenager. Then I realized I did not want to live forever in this false world.

    So I decided to live a healthy life and die in my sleep. I hope that...
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    Re: Earth's Levels and the "Hollow Earth"

    If this world is created then it must have a source. If it was not created then it does not exist. We were either created or...we do not exist. This has to do with the origin of semantics. An...
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    I hope that one day we can recover our true history. It would be marvelous to finally peruse the facts without having to question the intention of those that present it as such. It is so frustrating...
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    Re: Kerry Cassidy's New Book: "Rebel Gene"

    Many people, perhaps all of us, suffer from level confusion. This has to do with not understanding the true nature of reality and our place in it. Heck, we don't understand ourselves, let alone...
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    So you think there were slums in Inca times as well? Interesting. It is telling how our minds have been so thoroughly captured by this modern world and its edited history. Like our world is the only...
  20. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    I'm not sure I got this right Can boost your immune system, I do it all the time. And I have my daughter's family doing the same.
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