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    loved it , strange thing is after i'd watched it i had the strangest dejavu feeling like i'd watched it before , but YEARS ago
  2. Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    then we had the recent addition( and subsequent removal) of the additional "cornerstone" with numbers etc. at the georgia guidestones , could this have been a trigger/signal for coordinated actions...
  3. Re: EBOLA - A Manufactured Crisis in 2014, Dept of Defense Bio Weapon

    anyone remember the "mysterious " deaths of a large amount of microbiologists a few years ago ?

    "Dead Scientists And
    Microbiologists - Master List
    Compiled by Mark J. Harper...
  4. Re: China Just Overtook The USA As The World's Largest Economy!

    that prebuilt city to me is confirmation of chinas involvment in and adherance to agenda21 , they are awaiting the right time to move people into them a globally coordinated signal and effort
  5. Re: Siege at the Bundy Ranch ... Armed invasion of American land ... by the US Federal Government.

    fracking a BIG part of agenda 21 , contaminating as much uncontrolled water supply as is possible
  6. Re: Violent Moon Formation Happened Later Than Thought

    earth grew mainly from the inside out , until scientists at least acknowledge the theoretical possibility of that , i applaud their imagination and creativity , but it's only a partial picture :)
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    Re: The Anglo-Saxon Mission

    wondering out loud how the current Ukraine "revolution" factors in
  8. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues

    there's further protest planned on the 1st of march , the march in march
    coming soon to a state near you
  9. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues

    this is where it's all headed ( skip the ads )

    effectively hobbling sharing of leaked documents , unapproved secretly obtained video evidence etc. just the tip of the iceberg
  10. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues

    sorry about the muddled up order of the links in relation to text people , been an interesting couple of days

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    never really considered meself an activist though events of...
  11. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues OPINION: Sunshine State? Smart State? Silent State is more...
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    "give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar"
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    Re: Something on the moon ?

    a question i have had for some time why does the moon appear to not spin , ie revolve on an axis , or is there something i am missing here ?
  14. Re: Corporate media fires back at Russell Brand

    remember the saying " don't throw out the baby with the bathwater" ?

    I rekon if there IS a hidden agenda it just may backfire cos things don't seem to work the same
  15. Re: Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

    a catalyst for sure , important to get things moving , it's easier to make adjustments along the way as the eyes begin to open en masse
  16. Re: Are TPTB Making Their Way To Underground Bases?

    and buy up what's left on shelves out of some sadistic sort of pleasure to make the ones left outside fight it out for whatever remains
  17. Thread: Empaths

    by bluestflame

    Re: Empaths

    breathing helps , catching meself sometimes holding me breath
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    Re: What part does Australia play?

    maybe they're setting up australia as a "shared resource", a safe haven , with so many multicultural fingers in the pie no nation would bomb it
  19. Re: HITCHHIKERS (a sort of partial possession) - and how to handle them

    as the veils thin, these energies find it harder to avoid detection
  20. Re: SECRET SPACE : NEW INTEL - Project Camelot Blog

    canyon from ancient mining operations perhaps ?
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