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  1. Re: The Stairway to Healing: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace & Love


    t feels like everything in our world is designed to take you further and further away from who you really are, leaving you feeling disconnected. So, how do you connect to yourself when...
  2. Re: The Stairway to Healing: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace & Love


    How do you heal?
    Do you feel out of balance? Struggle to find peace in your day? Do you engage in too much stress, anxiety, planning and fear? This is the second in a series of...
  3. Re: David Paulides' research: over 1600 inexplicable abductions in National Parks, wilderness, and urban areas

    Just watched Paulides' new movie on Amazon last night (Missing 411: The Hunted). Highly recommend. These cases are so amazing...unfortunate that they're not more reported on in the mainstream.
  4. The Stairway to Healing: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace & Love


    Ever feel like your soul is just exhausted, burnt out by the responsibilities and daily motions of life? Maybe you feel a lack of purpose, or you’re overcome by fear, sadness, or...
  5. How To Choose Love, Joy & Peace when Life Brings You Tragedy


    Wanted to share...enjoy!
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    Re: Voices from the Cosmos

    Thanks so much for this post Kotch - I'm an avid reader myself on this subject and had not heard of the book you referenced - I'll definitely be checking it out!
    All great questions you pose - I can...
  7. Four Ways to Hear Yourself in a Noisy World


    We live in hectic are 4 things we can do to remain true to ourselves.
    Enjoy :Angel:
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    Re: Father's Day


    Happy Father's Day! Thought I'd share this video - it's my wife's story about her relationship with her dad. If you're harboring any anger or bitterness towards anyone in your life,...
  9. Contact in the Desert 2019 review/recap

    It was our first time going and thought we'd share some of the sights & sounds. Granted, it's a large conference and everybody's experience will be different - for us, overall it was a...
  10. Re: Peaceful contact to the Star People family....

    Hey Whisper...thanks for starting thread. My wife and I got back from Contact in the Desert last week and were actually talking about the same subject—where are all the stories about positive...
  11. Re: Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud to Groovie Bean

    This is a very interesting thread—quite informative as I was a former viewer of the Goode/Wilcock show on Gaia. I found Jay’s testimony here quite believable (but laughed when he basically tried to...
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