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  1. Re: Significant damage at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake after "Quake"

    Can report from ground zero, so here goes.

    Haven't seen any dead bees, in fact, on our way to Bakersfield 2 days ago, saw some bee keepers on the side of the road in full gear giving away free...
  2. Re: Significant damage at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake after "Quake"

    I just moved here and yes everyone is ok. Power is still out on some areas, but NAWC has been closed to inspect the entire 1.2 million acres. We were told mission essential personnel only were...
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    Re: Joe Rogan Exposed?

    The last 15 secs of the video Joe really nailed it where he says "Abby you're tied down to television young woman!" Meaning...she can't really express her own thoughts because she is controlled...
  4. Re: Seat-back Camera allows Airlines to SPY on passengers

    Practicing good OpSec/ComSec has always been the best course of action.
  5. Re: "The Next End of the World": a CIA declassified document, 'The Adam and Eve Story'

    I would say there has been an 'end times' prediction every year for at least the 50 years I've been interested. I remember storing petrol, water and food back in the 70s. I've learnt that it is just...
  6. Re: Would like opinions re 9/11 and approach to all other related events

    Agreed. At the end of the day does it really matter what brought the buildings down? Or what flew into the Pentagon?

    Arguing over whether it was a nuclear device, or thermite, or some secret...
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    Sticky: Re: Dutchsinse's Earthquake Reports and Forecasts

    Is there a link in this thread (or perhaps somewhere else on PA) that shows the major fault lines for California? After a quick Google search, I found quite a few maps but they are ran by gov depts,...
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    Re: Epsilon Protocol Remote Viewing Data 2017-2018

    I'm going to have to read this 10 times before I fully understand it. mind blowing.
  9. Re: VPN and TOR (how to choose and use - or should we)

    I use ExpressVPN and pay 99USD per year for it. There are free options and browser add-ons out there but most come with restrictions and ads. Free VPN options also don't update their IP's very often...
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    Re: Some Photos of Bill Ryan (PS: and Mara the dog)

    I can confirm this is NOT Bill. (i see no bush hat)
  11. Re: Is it possible that one day we are going to wake up in the morning and there will be 10,000 UFOs in the skies?

    Does anyone know if there is a thread here that dives into Project Bluebeam? A quick search here didn't produce anything that caught my eye.
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    Re: WARNING! AI Is Not What People Think It Is!

    This stood out to me because of article I read this morning over at

    In short: "These objects can be made from a wide range of materials ranging from metals, to quantum dots and even DNA,...
  13. Re: Amazing Crop Circle appears 1991/Germany and 3 discs found underneath.....

    We all know some crop circles have been man-made, but that is a different topic than what I think OP is trying to convey. For some transparency, I had written off crop circles years ago, but the...
  14. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Mongolian barbecue. :sun:[/QUOTE]

    Great, now I'm hungry. Good thing it's lunchtime.

    BTW, thanks for this thread, it's a mountain of gold. :beer:
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    Re: November 11th -- Impending "happenings"?

    I tend to read these type of threads and move on. You can easily search the forum and find all sorts of dates about impending doom, prophecies or whatever. Those threads are dead and buried without...
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    Re: The Dulce Base, and Cherry Hinkle's testimony

    I read this thread based on Bill Ryan's #230 post in his Q&A thread. (thanks Bill)

    So many questions, but the lingering question is: Was there ever a book or more info from Cherry? or did I flat...
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    Re: Cost of living in the US

    Canada has now legalized recreational marijuana, which is supposed to be injecting $4Bn worth of industry into Canada.
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    Re: Netflix film: 'Extinction'

    I watched from beginning to end a few weeks ago (b4 this thread). I agree with everyone that the film didn't do itself any favors in the beginning. I was intrigued at the plot and twist as well. I...
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    Re: Andy Basiago - Project Pegasus, time travel

    Why would you want to go and kill anyone in the first place? Light the world(s), don't darken them.
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    Re: Is JFK Jr Still Alive?

    Yes they can. Surgery on the larynx or other parts of the throat would also alter a person's voice.

    If memory serves, Adobe recently bought out software (audio "Photoshop") which can accurately...
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