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  1. Protons have become 4% smaller! Is our reality shifting?

    This is so interesting if true...

  2. Re: More Sandy Hook News-Chopper Anomalies! Crystal Clear HD Zooms Shows Weird Stuff!

    wow...Max Igan.. absolute brilliant perspective ... very important video

    thank you spirithorse
  3. Re: 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    Thank you .......
  4. Re: This is priceless...a less than 6 minute video...Enjoy!

    Thank you Kimberley, this was beautiful.
    Especially Amy's reaction through out whole event, adorable.
  5. Re: Nothing's going to change my world.........


    here's yaatu (yet another across the universe) from laibach...
  6. Thread: my dog died

    by sentinel69

    Re: my dog died



  7. Re: INDIGO MATIAS De STEFANO Comes to the UK 13-19 May

    Thank you very much,

    watched the video from some other source today and i was tempted to post the link (as my first post ever), but searched first if it was allready here and here i am on this...
  8. Poll: Re:Bill + Inelia Seminar in Portland Oregon: 1-2 October (dates fixed)

    Just voted in for Portland event, it would be great to know confirmed dates as soon as possible to arrange for the trip,as they say book early,book often...
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