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    Re: I'm always under attack

    Thanks a lot for the replies! :)

    The thing is, the attacks that I've mentioned are attacks that virtually everybody is experiencing to some degree, simply because the agents I described are...
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    I'm always under attack

    It's coming from everywhere; poison in the food and water, mind control through subliminal propaganda and electromagnetic devices, and psychic attacks by a host of negative entities. I figure there's...
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    Re: UFO Video - Germany

    I don't think it's real, especially how it moves up with this noise and little light show...

    What a blatant hitpiece. Theosophists are not the Illuminati, and David's info is based on a great variety of sources and eyewitness testimony. There are countless individuals and historical evidence...
  5. Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone

    It's nice to see how we don't know it all yet, even about something as simple (?) as our bones.

    Full article is here:
  6. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    If you wanna share the YouTube of Alex's conversation with the retired Navy intel officer, it's here:

    Here's it at the end of a section with Alex's analysis and other callers:
  7. Re: New Ukrainian Government About To Introduce Death Penalty For "Traitors"

    This has been published on the website of the New York Times today:

    SEVASTOPOL, Crimea — Bowing to the reality of the Russian military occupation of Crimea a day after Russia announced it...
  8. New Ukrainian Government About To Introduce Death Penalty For "Traitors"

    I just came across this update from Christoph Hörstel, the text below is my translation:

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    From 21st Century Wire:

    Why do establishment-funded archeologists and academics still pretend and cover-up evidence of ancient and highly advanced civilisations, particularly those located in...
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    Freedom: The Time Is Now

    Since I'm in Philly at the moment, I figured I gotta do some kind of a liberty video... :)

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    Re: Don't go into the light - Discussion thread

    Everyone on the forum is a public figure to some degree, as this is an open and public space. Scrutinizing is fine and an intelligent thing to do, just as you say, but it shouldn't be a witch-hunt....
  12. Re: Cancer, often regarded as a voodoo curse; and the "curse" can be dismissed

    A friend of mine had cancer about 9 years ago, had a major operation and was given less than 3 months to live...
  13. Re: John Williams: Russia could start Dollar collapse; Lindsey Williams: Yup.

  14. Re: Oldest Pyramids Found Underground in Crimea--Real Cause of Ukraine Invasion??

    These pyramids were discovered more than ten years ago. I doubt that the current Russian engagement there is the smokescreen for some archaeological field research, to me it seems much more likely...
  15. Leaked Phone Call Reveals New Coalition Government Was Behind Sniper Shootings in Ukraine

    I had already suspected that the snipers were acting at the behest of some people within the revolutionary government. They were the only ones to stand to gain from this, as Yanukovych wouldn't...
  16. Re: Global peace meditation for Ukraine March 4th, 2014

    :bump: http://hehehe
  17. Re: Iceland breaking free financially with the "Auroracoin"

    The danger I see with these cryptocurrencies is, if you can buy them with dollars/euros/pounds/etc, then the FED or any other big player aligned with the banking cartel can just buy it all up and...
  18. Iceland breaking free financially with the "Auroracoin"

    Seems to be very much like Bitcoin, however, here all Icelanders will be part of this right from the start. The following paragraphs are copied from

    The basic...
  19. Re: Ukraine - an alternative look.

    Consider this:

    Of course, Putin doesn't care about the power and sovereignty of the people on the Crimea or anywhere. But neither does any other political leader that I can see at the top of...
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    Re: Ukraine - an alternative look.

    In general, I have the same outlook, miqeel, I think "we're on a good timeline."

    This is, however, not what I perceive. I think it's pretty clear that Russia is not "the enemy," especially...
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