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  1. Re: First Ebola Case in US...your thoughts?

    I call them and others who know putting it out there to be activated by creation, "ptw" in small letters, or choose to just say "they" in small letters. "ptw" means powers that were" in charge of the...
  2. Re: First Ebola Case in US...your thoughts?

    I watched this guy, and he was definately holding back on something when it came to the incubation period and only 4 days lapse before visible symptoms appeared. The patient is in intensive...
  3. Re: First Ebola Case in US...your thoughts?

    Notice also that the FEMA incinerators attached to the railroad and camps are now filling with private guards. The Southern elites meant to eliminate anything not rich or too dumb to work. The...
  4. Re: First Ebola Case in US...your thoughts?

    They are attacking our children with bio terror weapons through vaccine. How else can you get it into your system and is it time released after the vaccination. I noticed Bill Gates on tv the other...
  5. Re: First Ebola Case in US...your thoughts?

    Donald Trump KNOWS the crazees and he told them "don't allow that virus in America." He knows the psychos and knows the temptation to activate the GA stone theory is within their reach if they can...
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    Re: The Cosmic Phone - Who's got it ?

    You mean the united connection? I call it that. It's sort of a emotional tap where you're led to speak on something that someone is experiencing? Let's just say there are amazing things we are all...
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    Re: Okay, So Who are Malia and Sasha Obama?

    Looks as if we've been infiltrated again. Well, I'll just speak my piece on this, and will tell you, that the older one favors Barack, w/Michelle's eyebrows, and the younger Michelle, her mother. ...
  8. Re: European Union Tyranny is crumbling! French Farmers Set Tax Office On Fire!

    I don't know, according to scripture and ancient books kept out of the Bible that date earlier, they say during the winter months, if the 2nd sun comes, it won't be water, but fire next time. See...
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    Re: Richard Bach, on his recent NDE

    Haven't read either. It wasn't in my school curriculum, but thank you. Can't read them now, still working on a project, but will get to them later during a good snow or winter's cold day.
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    Re: Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS ?


    Sounds like the cabal to me. Whack people.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤
  11. Re: Corporations BUYS OUT inventions to keep us slave to OIL & GAS industry!

    Looks like they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. The Tesla people bypassed this bullying, and published their stuff to anyone who would do it. So happens they crowdfunded off it when they got...
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    Re: Another dream

    In Return of the Witnesses, those who were taken on board and taught the Universal Laws of Existance, returned to show those remnant who God has had mercy on and spared their lives after cataclysmic...
  13. Re: Victory over bank charges could open payout floodgates: Court backs customer over hefty overdraft fees

    Perhaps, but as "David" of Divine Cosmos stated, the stench won't survive the higher vibration that is really coming in, and a lot will die natural causes, some will lose their minds, and those who...
  14. Re: Cancer is a Fungus. And there is a cure for nearly every cancer, wich the big pharmaindustry likes to hide actively.

    Yes it is, and when it's in stage four, it becomes bacterial/viral infection. NO infection or disease can sustain a proper ph body, bare that in mind when I tell you, using a little baking soda in a...
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    Re: How did you find Project Avalon?

    I was invited, I imagine because i watched, just absorbed all that was going on, and all that was flowing over the net, that had been hidden from other nations about UFO's and I am a witness along...
  16. Re: Weirdest thing just happened to me tonight.

    Last week after reading verses on the Sabbath, just before sleep, sorta inbetween, someone said: "Hello? Hello, is anyone there?" I sat up and went and got some water, thought about it some more and...
  17. Re: Your opinions please on oil supplements...

    Coconut oil to combat alzheimers or garlic oil to keep immune health up.
  18. Re: Massive Waves - "Mass" of Energy Waves - Creating Realities (Video)

    WTC trading flesh and peddling drugs through the ssg's dirty banks. Pushing sexual exploitation even in children, yet it's just a trade on the market, right? Watch your children's souls and give...
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    Re: We Can Wipe Out Ebola

    Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus your Son of Salvation, Love and Understanding, we ask that you halt this plague created and put through the people over the years. Let their deeds be the...
  20. Re: Viking ring fortress discovered in Denmark

    What are the large "gravelike" images encircling the ring on the right? They would be huge, as this is an sky shot. Could there be giants below. I noticed they're doing a lot of core sampling in...
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