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  1. Re: Wim Hof Method [The Iceman]: using breathing techniques to activate your body's true potential

    I have been doing wim hof 100 breaths, breathing routine for about 6 months now. Also started a wim hof breathing routine with pushups. Started off doing 20 push-ups while holding breath & made my...
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    Re: Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    Kodi or popcorn time app for MacOS if you don’t want to download & save movies from piratebay or other torrent sites. I was foolish & did not use a vpn for over a year til I got the dreaded letter...
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    Re: The beauty and the pain of being human. Images.

    Thanks again to all those that have contributed images & words to this beautiful thread :heart: still one of my most favorite here on Avalon
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    Re: Cancer killing/Killing Cancer ~ My Heart Path

    There’s a great thread here about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, which I received just the other day to treat prostate cancer & other major health issues I’m currently dealing with. Hydrogen...
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    Re: Mysterious Deaths of Holistic Doctors

    It’s heartbreaking to know that these 80 people that could’ve helped heal & improve the quality of people’s lives were murdered and the perpetrators are still out there & will more than likely murder...
  6. Re: What Life Is Like For A Million People In Puerto Rico

    The latest incarnation of the bankrupt United States Service Corporation aka US federal government is registered in Puerto Rico. That fact is verifiable. Might have a lil something to do with the...
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    Re: The Truth About Stranger Things

    I was expecting some demystification on the occult nature of the show or some revelations regarding tie ins to secret government projects, like some other videos with the same title.. instead I get...
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    Re: Ganoderma Mushroom. King of Herbs

    Reishi mushrooms are also great for activating & stimulating the endocannabanoid(immune) system like cannabis does. I take daily in powder form cause it’s a bit of a hassle to make tea with it.
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    Re: Rod Class & his many hoaxes

    Snoop, appreciate your kind response to my questions.

    I'm curious who's work you find credible & has material worthwhile of study? I used to love reading gripreapers posts regarding this subject...
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    Re: Rod Class & his many hoaxes

    Hi snoopfortruth, I have seen you post this wall of text on YouTube non step it seems. I've been researching this topic for years & it is of great interest to me. Also, I did read everything you...
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    Re: The beauty and the pain of being human. Images.

    Still, my most favorite thread here on Avalon. Photos continue to bring tears to my eyes & a smile on my face. A refreshing change from the daily desire to accumulate knowledge.

    Iloveyou! Thank...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    Interesting, shadowself. Maybe the puppet masters are sacrificing CG & redirecting their resources to the kids. Pretty obvious that the kids are much more marketable, even to the middle aged & older...
  13. Re: Carbon 60 (C60) Antioxidant that works at the DNA Level !

    Thank you so much for this thread. I was just now reading your other thread & was going to order some c60 today, so these detailed posts are the icing on the cake.

    I've also researched & cured...
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    If you're interested in Tom Campbell's material, you might also want to check out Anthony Peake.

    Here is an excellent, older interview with both men on red ice radio
  15. Re: The COLLINS ELITE: Nick Redfern, Ray Boeche, and interdimensional, demonic 'aliens' - that the deep insiders may know all about

    Great points Ernie, I enjoyed what you expressed.

    The Zen people say that if you run across Buddha along the way(to your true nature/source/etc), kill him immediately. My understanding of this is...
  16. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    I'm a subscriber on YouTube to one of Corey's kids, Destroying the Illusion(Jordan Sather). As expected he has a harsh response to Dark Journalists "attack" on the Corey mafia titled "Jordan has a...
  17. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    "Props for pronouncing my name right, but your other attacks are ridiculous, hahaha pure disinfo to the maxx. You are either a useful idiot putting out half-truths unknowingly, or a conscious...
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    Re: More on David Icke - Per Miles Mathis

    An interesting, critical look at this Miles Mathis character,

    Thanks to Bob for introducing me to this writer. Can't remember the thread but it linked to the same...
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    Re: Jordan Sather - the new and improved Wilcock?

    He has a video addressing criticisms from his trolls where he states that he's 26. Love the guys enthusiasm & he seems to be sincere. But who knows with ALL alt celebrities. Like target says,...
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    Re: The meaning of life in a world without work

    When someone tells me with a sad look on their face that they got laid off, I say "congratulations, lets celebrate" That elicits a big smile from most but they tell me I'm crazy. I tell them welcome...
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