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  1. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Did you ever encounter Aliens?

    Yes, an ET once suddenly appeared in my room, right in front of me. I shared the story here, in my post #16.

    I had an ET appear in my room, back in 1984,...
  2. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Did you ever encounter Aliens? Did you have Outer of Body Experience? What do you think the role of ETs on India?
  3. Re: Root Canals: Cause of Many Degenerative Diseases

    It's really an Amazing revelation. Thanks to you and Dr. Weston Price. I wish this could be known by anyone especially in my country India to help diseased people. So nice of you posting this...
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    What exactly are Black Holes!

    There is lot of misinformation circulating on Black holes that too from today's scientist who unable to unravel the mystery of it's existence.

    Black Holes actually are recycle bins in the cosmos...
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    Re: To Hell with Cell

    I am much addicted to Mobile. frequently browse apps. looks like can't live without technology. either in-front of laptop or computer or handy mobile. To hell with me.
    We already living in a Prison...
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    Re: Instant Knowledge

    You probably had Out of Body Experience. I wish i too will experience one day which i am dying too. It's a gift means your soul (self) trying to be free from bondage (your physical body). People...
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    Re: Pictures Too Good Not To Share

    Astonishing. How come there entities are able to captured in normal photography as these type of Spirits are omnipresent. I have never come across while using my Mobile or anyone else. Are you using...
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    Re: Don't Date An Abductee

    I have also read the books of Karla Turner which are "Into the Fringe" and "Taken" in 2016.

    2016 is the year where i Spiritually initiated (exact is Upgraded) when i come across the book of...
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    Re: There were Giants on the Earth in those days

    I read that at the time this (our) Solar System was formed some 5 Billion years ago (Called ARIDU), Founders or Creators started seeding the Planets, the process called Panspermia. Earth was called...
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