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    Re: Weaponised Interdependence

    That's been my own assertion for a good number of years... European Economic Coersion became the EU...
  2. Re: Whale found on a jungle island, 15 meters from the ocean

    Storms... massive waves... Awesome power of water carrying a whale up a beach...
    Not too much of a stretch for the imagination. I think if you have the free time to research a subject, there are...
  3. Re: AI "Killing Machine" Set to Poison Mammals in this Region: Rabbits and Cats

    Looks to me like a system test of an autonomous killing system... Once the glitches are ironed out, change a few system parameters and you now have a lethal system to keep people off the land...

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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    Which is why I consider Occam's Razor a Closed-Minded principle.

    Case in-point:

    The The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter had Its maiden flight in 1981 and achieved operating capability...
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    Yeah, I'm inclined to think this also. Never been up there, so can't say what the truth is, but logically, they should be able to do a better job of fakery than they are...
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    Personally, I just don't get it. If there is a secret space program, and they have platforms in space, why do they have to resort to all the shambolic Hollywood fakery sh1te to convince us? They...
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    Real or not- London attack video

    Have just seen this short video of what is assumed to be the recent attack in London. It's from Tommy Robinson Facebook page.
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    Re: Room Air Purifiers

    Aloe vera plants are supposed to be very good also...
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    Re: More on David Icke - Per Miles Mathis

    I have to say, I'm quite shocked at the drivel I'm reading here. I expect more from long time Avalon members.

    I've been to David's talk in Dublin this year. It was fantastic. I made some...
  10. Re: The Law of Attraction, explained by Bob Proctor

    I have his book, "You were born rich" in .pdf if anyone wants. Maybe another addition for the Avalon Library?
  11. Re: Little [search] Help Please [Found: Bob Proctor's video]

    Listening to Bob. Acting on the information as he directs , has had a huge impact on my life already. When the tangible results arrive, I'll let you know.
  12. Re: Running for Mayor of LA, Light Workers and Warriors Unite

    Congratulations in your new job!!! That's a goal alright. And i'm sure you're the best person for the job. As long as you know that too, you can't go far wrong. Give it everything and a little more....
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    Happy Birthday Big Man!
    Hope you have a nice break from the madness. Keep up the good work, you are AWESOME!!
    - Rob
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Went to see David Icke in Dublin last weekend. Wow! It was a great presentation - 12 1/2 hrs with a few breaks.

    The best bit?

    The people I met.

    I knew pretty much all that stuff anyway,...
  15. Re: Bottled it really better than tap water??

    Oh, and to my dismay, I recently found out that Nestle own San Pellegrino also. Pity, I liked that stuff.
    Oh well, gotta stop feeding the monster.
    We ALL gotta stop feeding the monster!

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    Re: Does anyone use the chat function?

    On second thoughts, gimme some of that expensive ****!
  17. Re: Targeted Individuals: experiences, problems and solutions

    Well, I haven't got any reply on LinkedIn. Poor woman though, I do feel for her, she certainly is doing what she can in terms of trying to educate - again, educating from what she knows herself -...
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    Re: Does anyone use the chat function?

    I'm there now!! All on my own :(

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Thanks though, never even noticed it. Will pop in more now that I know. Kinda like being at the pub (an empty monday evening pub in Stoke on...
  19. Re: Targeted Individuals: experiences, problems and solutions

    I'm in the process of doing that now via connections in LinkedIn. I do think she is legit! I heard her chat with Richie Allen - and we all know that this targeting and technology is for real
  20. Re: Giant human skeleton found in Malaysia, in a giant grave

    Well, the Darwinian "theory" of evolution is starting to fall apart as more people are exposed to the scientific evidence... See here
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