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    Re: Battle for my soul?

    They are the demons. Rebuke them in Jesus Christ and cimpell them to him. Be authoritive there is no way you are even capable of being one. They try to make you think you are but it's their...
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    Re: UFO on flight back from YVR (Vancouver)

    I was cruising on a nightime flight at 41thousand as altitude. I was sat behind the right engine. Greenland I think was below. I was on the night side. I just saw a light flying at the end of the tip...
  3. Re: Spy cameras and surveillance for residents ???

    Oh thank you for responding. No because I don't allow it. They get in through v2k and I've done everything I can. I'm at a paranoia stage right now but ok. Just have to listen to me. I got wi fi...
  4. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    I'm weak I do require healing. They are calling me Mardy for not complying to write to create. I started to do more but when I write like I'm doing now they are saying you are a muscle. They are in...
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    Re: Forgive my love, it was genuine!

    Dear person.
    You can live it out. They target you because you are loving and possible angel. I am made to look crazy they do it to you and seed it so you think it is you. They use your own fears...
  6. Thread: Mind effa'd

    by Angels1981

    Re: Mind effa'd

    I've been targeted. It's CIA they don't want people to love and have free will. They use the fear of aliens to manipulate you. Many aliens are also demons. I've been rejected by society. My best...
  7. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    I am ransacked with voices they are fighting over me. I have one voice saying you are you and stand your ground and the others were fighting for my soul still. They don't give up I swear it....
  8. Re: Man tests if Google is listening to his mic in live video... Watch what he finds

    I had my mobile/cell phone left at home and I went shopping right. As soon as I got home, there was comments popup stating what shops I had been too and asking if I had a good time aka how would you...
  9. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    I'm apparently allergic to the vaccine MMR jab and so I was a child in the 70's. Ironically I had seizures around the same time and I was never allowed it. I now have never really thank GOD aka LOVe...
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    Re: Saturn Kidnapping and Recycling Souls

    All I know is that Saturn the entities live on the rings. I was told that in wide a wake mode. But I have big faith issues because I can't seem to trust the voices that I normally know because of the...
  11. Re: An Amazing Suicide NDE, I seem to need to keep watching

    I think to keep love alive is important in this day and age. If we are mere mini creators then we must comply to a higher state of being or fail. People who become suicidal may be going through...
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    Re: The Question of God and the Nature of God

    God is love 1 john 4v8.
    God is love and that is infinite and unconditional. Love is stifled and ignored a lot here upon our planet and society through elite systems thinks that fear rules over...
  13. Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    I figured that you are a MINI Creator born with free will and that it is so easy to be caught up in other people's negativity and fear. That they are out to scare you into submission and that the...
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    I have been thinking about this and I'm not stock piling because that would be creating the situation. However, I have to keep in mind that if there is any Disaster or the Agenda of the dark forces...
  15. Re: Is meditating on "emptiness" better than mindfulness cultivation ?

    Out of emptiness you create. It most likely meaning for that purpose alone. It helps to keep your mind free to distress you or to gain rest from overthinking but on the other side if you go into...
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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    I'm british and I always mention about fear v love and that I see you mentioning that fear is being spread. They are literally making a prison within the UK and then once that Brexit is in place they...
  17. Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    I was doing a lot of healing work and loving work just as in a way I sneak love into the posts here. I love David Icke he is a brave man. I was warned from the CIA and they are still hounding me now...
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    Re: Presuming the world was all love....

    I am greatful for your responses to be honest. I love the idea of no money. I love the idea that personal evolution provides jobs to serve others. Well If people are struggling with receiving love...
  19. Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    They Government elite etc are commissioned to bring as much fear and negativity to you the person. They are the opposing of love upon our planet and so they are bringing you into an era which they...
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    Re: Psychic Surgery: it's real, and it works

    Well they say Cancer is a form of self loathing. If you don't love yourself then the hatred eats away at you. I studied Doja at University and faith healing etc. I am a healer and I have been blessed...
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