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  1. Re: 13 Nov 2014 - Rosetta's Comet Lander Landed Three Times

    Why is it that NASA can never have 100% efficiency with their instruments?
    "eight out of 10 instruments have already begun sending back data."
  2. Re: Substantial debunking articles on Gordon Duff and Veterans Today

    I don't even have to read them to intuitively agree with them, Duff reeks of either controlled opposition or something "else" off... his stories are at times very fantastical and he blindly supports...
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.

    Panache Desai - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview ( I found this interview intriguing if for nothing more than a mention of Matrayia... an indirect allusion that Panache may indeed be that person. The...
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    Re: "Now Just a Clown"

    "This video has been removed by user" ~
  5. Re: Netanyahu, "we need to prolong the massacre"

    I often think of the Christian Americans who speak of standing with Israel, regardless of whatever atrocity they commit. I have this notion that if they were to encounter Christ, he would say, "I...
  6. Re: Russian Physicists Launch Campaign To Rebuild Teslas Wardenclyffe Tower

    Edgar Casey had predicted that one day Russia would be a light unto the world. In proportion to the way the leaders in the U.S. have behaved...
    Wait and see I guess, but this is a promising...
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.

    A panel discussion on possible perceptions of the celestial realms, hosted by Rick Archer (Buddha at the Gas Pump). This discussion loosened some rigid...
  8. Re: Edgar R Fouche presentation.(flying triangle, classified projects)

    I tried to watch this but Youtube stated it is private. Anyone else having trouble viewing this?
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.

    This may resonate with some, I've listen to several of Matthew's videos, they resonate very deeply with me.
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    Re: The Global Elite Are Losing Control

    I would caution against false hope or a belief that "it will just all work out". While I do not discount what you believe, I would imagine that there are a few devastating plans already in the works,...
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    Re: UFO attack in Afghanistan

    I am no expert.... but come on, this is not real. I am much more convinced by the videos posted by Mr. Ryan. The explosions look like they are from ordinance, a cluster type of explosion detonated...
  12. Re: Mainstream Media in Germany Falsifies Article about Monday Demonstrations and the FED

    Thank you Christian for this information. It does seem there is a blow back from people attempting to report true news or a alternative view. I wonder if you will find out who changed the date,...
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    Re: Something weird on YouTube

    I've been warning about YouTube for several years now. Sensitive videos have been deleted for years now, they simply are having more difficulty being secretive now.
  14. Re: Google Taken Over By Desperate Cabal - Fake Propaganda Headline - backdated site - No Article!

    I've been saying that this was coming, no surprise here. What are we to do? Maybe crowd source your own internet service, for the people, by the people. 2
  15. Re: Explosive Interview: Tucker Carlson Reacts to (Building 7) Implosion..!

    His jacket has a very interesting symbol embroidered on the left chest area. Kinda looks like a big "M" ( for mason? ) over an eye.
  16. Re: Extraterrestrial Technologies I have witnessed

    -Music Enhancing Technology(Mind Blowing) ? I've never heard of this. What is it, how does it supposedly work?
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    Re: Thoughts on Existence

    It seems when we make a determination, a judgement of a concept, an act, or situation, we collapse the wave function (potentiality) into a rigid formation which limits our ability to perceive it for...
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    Re: Thoughts on Existence

    My experience of awakening when I was 17...
    All that is and is not, is a manifestation of the creator, God, call it what you will. This personal self identity is illusion, as is all we...
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    Poll: Re: Shall we mourn Coast To Coast AM?

    Odd, I tried visiting, Safari could not connect with the server.
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    Re: David Icke responds to Sonia Poulton

    ... And the other side of the story

    Like others, I was...
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