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Thread: King Arthur: A Composite-Personality Case?

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    Default Re: King Arthur: A Composite-Personality Case?

    Quote Posted by DNA (here)
    So these Aldebrandinis are related or are descendents some how of folks from the star Aldebaran?
    These are the same folks who were said to be in communication with Maria Orsic and the Vrill society?
    A society based on the idea of an energy known as Vrill which came off as Willheilm Riech's "Orgone" something that is associated with organic life and capable of powering such things as anti-gravity space ships.
    Edward Bulwer Lytton wrote the initial works on Vrill in his "the coming race".
    I've always felt the short lived TV show "The Event" was based on the idea of folks from Aldebaran.
    I was never aware there was any kind of relationship between the race from Aldebaran and the Rothschilds. Further more it is quite a blow to think folks from another planet would be practicing black magic.
    I hadn't made the connection that it was Aldabaran that the vrill society was doing their channeling from. I don't think the Aldobrandinis are actually aliens though, they're supposedly descendedants of Ptolemy who was an astrologist and helped rule Egypt after Alexander the Great, naming themselves after stars was more a part of Greek astral magic (astral being Greek for star) just a way for them to give themselves an extra air of prestige and importance. They did believe in metempsychosis though, that a souls home is a star in the astral realm and when a person dies their soul goes back to the star they originated from, before reincarnating again as a human. Astral magic was used as a form of reincarnation technology to make sure a soul from the right star reincarnated into the right body. Can't say I know enough about the Vrill society to comment on their side of things.

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    Default Re: King Arthur: A Composite-Personality Case?

    The iron age began in Britain roughly 800 bc 750 years approx before the Romans arrived.
    The legend of Arthur claims as a starting point of drawing the sword from the stone.can we assume that this is a metaphor for forging iron blades and arrow heads from iron ,giving any chieftain of the time a massive military advantage,able to defeat his bronze wielding adversaries with ease and unite the tribes.
    If this is the case Arthur's legend would have been well formed in folklore well before the arrival of the Romans.

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    Default Re: King Arthur: A Composite-Personality Case?

    Arthur has been linked to the Merovingian line, this is a good piece on it

    Arthur—The Once and Future King

    Looking at these events surrounding the background, the importance, the life and death, and the subsequent betrayal of the Merovingian king Clovis and his Merovingian Bloodline, it is as reasonable to assume that Clovis was in fact the historical character on which the legends of King Arthur were based. Therefore, he would also be the incarnation of Lucifer in his day (as explained in volume IV). This fact and the history surrounding the Merovingian/"Jesus"/Luciferian Bloodline, only makes more sense when the mysteries are broken down into their most basic elements of truth, of what is so far known as truth. It also makes sense that the Luciferian religion that Freemasonry has declared itself to be would also seek to support and establish his Bloodline as rightful rulers’ upon the planet for the purpose of raising up a final world ruler who would be seen as a (masonic) Christ returned. This may very well be the last known Templar, Jacques DeMolay, which the well known book "Second Messiah" seems to clearly indicate that it is.


    Apparently the stories of Arthur originated from the knights templar

    A 30-year study has concluded that the celebrated tale was adopted by early historians in England following the Crusades.

    Until now, Arthur and his band of 12 gallant knights were thought to have defended Britain against invaders.

    Their bravery in battle has become synonymous with British courage and chivalry and has been recounted by generations for almost 1,000 years.

    But newly-published research by historian and bestselling author Ralph Ellis suggests the legend was created by the Knights Templar, a French Christian military order made famous by Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code.


    The templars are supposed to protect the bloodline

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    Default Re: King Arthur: A Composite-Personality Case?

    Was King Arthur A Real Person, Or Just Fiction?
    Brien Foerster
    Oct 2, 2018

    I like Brien's work

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