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Thread: Motherships And The Source

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    Default Motherships And The Source

    From https://findthelightcouk.wordpress.c...and-the-source

    I was 27, which is an interesting age as lots of programmed famous celebrities die at 27 years old (Google the 27 club), but when I was 27 I woke up to my reality and other realities around me.

    I just got married and was backpacking around Asia and I read a book called Thanks For The Memories by Cathy O’Brien, which blew me away. At the time, I was obsessed by crappy celebrity magazines which all they did was make me feel fat and ugly, but I still read them. Crazy huh! But Cathy O’Brien talked about being a sex slave to the most powerful people in the World and projected a very different reality in what we call the celebrity world. She also talked about being programmed and not knowing she was programmed, which I found fascinating. How can someone be programmed and not know it? Through reading her book, I learnt we are all programmed and the programming starts straight away, as soon as we enter into a tiny baby’s body, our DNA structures us, we feel our mother emotions, learn her fears, her highs. We receive programming from our governments through TV and schooling. Its pretty impossible not to be programmed when you decide to take the challenge of being human on Earth.

    I was in Malaysia on a night bus listening to my music on my headphones. I was thinking about the book and how I had been programmed. Got me thinking about who the hell was I. What was I before the programs began?? And at that moment I asked that question to myself my life changed forever. Part of my consciousness was lifted out of my body, it was like someone opened up my skull and my consciousness raised up a little above my body. I then felt pure love flow through my consciousness and body. Lots of information was given to me during this moment but I cant recollect it all. However, I knew the love was not from this world, it was being projected to me from outside this reality and it was so strong, so beautiful I just wanted to fully leave my body. I wanted to go to the source of this great powerful beautiful energy as I knew that is all I wanted and needed. All I wanted what that energy, nothing else just love. The love we feel here on Earth is tiny in comparison to the love I felt at that time. I was given a choice to stay or to go but I decided to stay as I didn’t want to leave my husband alone and fear crept in. However, the energy gave me my answer to my question. Who was I before I was programmed and the answer from The Source was PURE LOVE.

    We are all Pure Love projected down into this reality, this reality is not real, but it looks and feels so real that getting caught up in it is so easy to do even for the awakened kind.

    Strangely, I pulled away and sank back down into my body. I immediately looked out of the window of the bus and saw we were driving over the bridge into Kuala Lumpur. The Sun was beginning to rise and I could see three Mother Ships stationed in the sky over the city. The ships were so large and heavy but they were afloat over the city. I was is complete awe of it. How can we not see these ships all the time?. What are they doing over Kuala Lumpur? Who or what is in these ships? I received answers to some of this questions but I’m still open to what I saw. I feel these ships are over every city in the world. They are owned by an alien race which harvest negative energy from Mother Earth and Us. The reason they are over the cities is because that can feed/collect/harvest lots of negative energy in one area. I believe we don’t see these ships all the times as they are vibrating slightly out of our vision and therefore only when we break outside the normal vibration can we see these ships.

    The days, weeks and months ahead were very strange, I was like a baby with new eyes, seeing a new reality for the first time even though I had lived in this reality for 27 years, but the one that was presenting its self to me was completely different.
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    Default Re: Motherships And The Source

    Thank you for sharing with us, Chillax.
    Hopefully when I regain some strength and energy (yes, it hurts to even type, I need a "speech to text forum app" LOL), I will share some of my similar experiences that began as a young child.

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    Default Re: Motherships And The Source

    Hope you share all your insights and discoveries!
    Best wishes
    we have subcontracted the business of healing people to Companies who profit from sickness.

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    Default Re: Motherships And The Source

    Oh, Wow, Chillax!! Thanks for sharing! It's wonderful to hear about the Pure Love out of which we proceeded! What a gift to have been able to sense it!
    Totally understand about the "programming"....it is so true!

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    Default Re: Motherships And The Source

    I was told when I was in so much pain, poverty and hopelessness(8 yrs old very intune with nature at that time), that: "you have to play the game. It is what you chose. Never knew what that meant until one day I saw a book in 1969 on UFO's by a guy in the military. It was at that time that the facination stayed in front, until one day, I was summoned by my friends to explain what was coming up our blocks. We were on a couple of hills, where you could look down for blocks at the skyline. up close and personal (about 200-300 feet above our heads) very large football field size silent moving, circular disc-ship, with light panels/band, on the side blinking panel by panel slowly as it moved. When I and others in the neighborhood saw it on the news, the band of panels were lit up like a gold band around a silver disc and as 6 jets were encircling/flanking, it went straight up in seconds. Amazing and this just let me keep seeking all I could about them.(i became fully aware in 2004 when I found out the war in Iraq was a farce excuse to grab oil, and 911 was inside Mosad job, by scientist and physicist.
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