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Thread: The Qanon posts, and a “Very Bad Day” Scenario - for some elite swamp critters (Nov 2017 and beyond)

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    Default Re: The Qanon posts, and a “Very Bad Day” Scenario - for some elite swamp critters (Nov 2017 and beyond)

    Quote Posted by pyrangello (here)
    Thanks for the consideration of your thoughts, I'm back in the saddle now, I need to remind myself that just like the main stream news tries to do by publishing so many bad things, the majority of people on this earth are genuinely good people that want to live in peace and just enjoy their life and family. However their is a very dark element out there that is much larger than I realized and probably still don't have a total grasp on but one thing is for sure, its needs to be dealt with now . At a minimum for us to be the champion of those children who has no one fighting for them and for the sake of humanity itself. I listened to Corsi's last interview above, Comey net worth 11 million, Meuller 17 million, Comeys brother is the accountant for the Clinton foundation, It sounds like to me that these people all lined up one day and signed the document selling their soul all at the same time.

    As for GOD I will leave that alone, it is up to us here and now. As for the power of prayer for those reading this , people from around the world that want to do something that don't know how to contribute, pray every night, pray for no more hurt to these children, pray for protection for these children, and pray that this corruption is dealt with the swiftness of the archangel Michael and his sword. I ask everyone to take 5 minutes every night and continue these prayers.... It does create a force to be reckoned with , that I can testify to. Bill Ryan said in an interview one time of a navy admiral who has now passed that if all the people of the world came together and prayed at the same time, there would be no more wars or famine and that the people when coming together have no idea of the power we possess as a group. (Correct me on that Bill if I'm wrong) .
    In order to respond to this post without derailing the topic, I answered you here:

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    Default Re: The Qanon posts, and a “Very Bad Day” Scenario - for some elite swamp critters (Nov 2017 and beyond)

    Quote Posted by Ba-ba-Ra (here)
    GOOD NEWS! This appears to be true.
    Unsealed Indictment naming: HRC, Harry Reid, Grassley, Uranium 1, Comey, & more

    That case, 1:16-CV-1490-LEK-DJS, before the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, was a four page frivolous lawsuit filed on December 14, 2016, and was Dismissed on June 14, 2017, as documented in this PDF: https://cases.justia.com/federal/dis...?ts=1497540149

    I verified on the pacer.psc.uscourts.gov website, which provides Official Public Access to Court Electronic Records, that indeed this case was dismissed on that date.

    I am for now confident that this is a HOAX. No such sealed indictment exists, nor was unsealed. Her Youtube page for this document provides a link to it:


    As some of the comments on her Youtube page for this video comment, this document does NOT read like a typical court document. It has headers appropriate for such, apparently taken from the above mentioned case dismissed on June 14, 2017, but the bulk of the document is more like a conspiracy theorist (not said disparagingly, as I am one) would write, not a court officer.
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