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Thread: Hector Melo has just released his most recent book "The Unfortunate Fortune of a Researcher".

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    Default Hector Melo has just released his most recent book "The Unfortunate Fortune of a Researcher".

    Hello guys, after so many months of absence, I have finally finished my most recent book: "The Unfortunate Fortune of a Researcher". This is a story that many will love, it has all the attractive elements about the ancient astronauts theory. This wonderful story is about an investigator who tries to prove that terrestrial human beings were created by aliens, of course this causes a conflict against the World Order System. A funny story, witty and controversial, I hope you like it.

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    Default Re: Hector Melo has just released his most recent book "The Unfortunate Fortune of a Researcher".

    I've been stocking up on some winter reads. I ordered the Apocrypha and a book on fukishima, called "This Black." "Author Radical Home Goddess a Youtuber alerting the west coast of their "glowing revelations." She has had a few attacks but we know how to climb through windows when the doors are locked. They wanted to censor her information on the researched peer reviews on the devistation in Japan and now, NK's nuke facility caved in and is leaking. Yep, the grassroots underground is alerting the communities of the hidden plan to poison and distribute diseases in chemtrails through nano also. They've had to change their channels lots of times like DutchSince. But communication and viewership of the discussion on the articles in nations now finding the becherils, I hope I spelled that right, in EU since a month after Fukishima happened in 2011. That's 6 years of constant radiation flow and wind currents blanketing the northern hemisphere. There is a hero of course in the book. A lot of our authors are taking the sci-fi route, when we find the messages, a bit fantastic or mystifying or plots of danger against us sheep of the flock/humanity. My book God willing will find it's way to the shelves, that I too was given to write what I saw. I hope it's soon, but it's in God's hands as right now, supplies for the winter to snuggle in, are more urgent to the family, but I do tell people in blogs, what the Witnesses are doing or seeing in the book.
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