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Thread: The Marines Storm Langley in an attempt to remove CIA coup attempt

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    Default Re: The Marines Storm Langley in an attempt to remove CIA coup attempt

    Quote Posted by Patient (here)
    Quote Posted by TargeT (here)
    Quote Posted by Spiral (here)
    I don't know why people get so hot under the collar, the pro & anti Trump stuff has become so polarized & ridiculous that you have to just stand back & laugh*, the made up stories are like a run away train.

    *Was going to relate why in relation to another site but thought better of it lol.

    Try living in the US (even on the fringes like me) it's pretty insane how strongly people put themselves in the "pro/anti" camps... but then, who can blame them, this has got to be the most polarizing election/presidency I've ever seen.... and heavily pushed by them MSM (both sides)

    I think this "Marines raid Langley" story is a result of that... extremism breeds more extremism.
    Very good point Target, because if you have not lived within the U.S., then you don't know how polarized people become. I think it is important to remind people, especially when politics and foreign policy are being discussed.
    Is this polarization the result of decades & decades of programming via media & created culture such as movies ?

    There is a lot of "black & white" thinking that is reinforced by plot lines, it's drip, drip, drip....case in point being all the "freedom" being handed out by bombing countries into the stone age & all the while they have the hubris to promote a "good guys, bad guys" meme that requires a virtual lobotomy to not see past, yet few do apparently....we don't even have to conscript people into the army any more it works so well !
    "If UFOs and physical reality are incompatible, maybe the time has come to re-negotiate physical reality." Jacques Vallee

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