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Thread: We have much to learn from other races out there

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    Default We have much to learn from other races out there

    As humans living on earth at this time, there is a collective max, average and min level of the collective's subjective limitations. As human beings we can envision and imagine things up to a certain level, beyond that max level our current subjectivity cannot output anything less limiting. This max level of greatness is near infinitely limiting and is our greatest most warm and wonderful emotion we are aware of that we subjectively understand as love.

    This love is truth, this love is peace and it is the door that leads to true awakening and advancement as a human race. But it is very important that we understand that this door is not our last door, it is rather a door that we can choose collectively and it is a door that should be our next one. Because when we reach peace that is just the first step, we are at that point still almost infinitely limited, because love is something so way beyond what we all are able to understand it to be.

    World peace is the most intelligent next stepping stone for us, but when we have taken that step, we have infinite more stepping stones ahead. On this journey the collective subjective limitations are going to decrease along an accelerated curvature and we become more intelligent as a race. We are collectively developing in love, peace and truth and therefore we advance and therefore we become less and less limited.

    The more we advance, the greater it feels and the more overwhelmed we are by the miracle of creation. Human advancement comes from first making a humble assessment of our current level of peace relative to other races out there that have advanced in peace for thousands and maybe millions of years. Intelligence is not contained, it is endless. By understanding that this is how nature is, we can find a common peaceful path of growth and awakening. We can collectively come together in love peace and truth, understand why it is so important to connect with other races out there and begin to take important steps towards connecting with those races out there that can help us advance.

    As humans we must simply just accept that there are other races out there that have ascended, not just to a world peace level but to many many levels beyond that. They are superior to us in every way and they are in contact with other races that are superior to them in every way. Many of these races are aware of us and love us.

    So now is the time that we seriously decide to shape our cosmic identity as a race that collectively seeks the human version of true love and proudly collectively live to represent that love.

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