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Thread: Dr. Regina Jensen: What do we mean by "connecting"?

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    Default Dr. Regina Jensen: What do we mean by "connecting"?

    Hi Folks, What do we mean by "connecting"? - presenting a new post by my dear friend Dr. Regina Jensen in her Connected Living blog http://living-connected.blogspot.ru/...with-what.html
    and a new video:

    Please enjoy and feel free to comment and share! )))

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    Default Re: Dr. Regina Jensen: What do we mean by "connecting"?

    It means man not changing nature's environment, so nature won't have to change man's environment.
    Living with, not against nature. Why didn't we make tree homes or adobe cooling shelter homes as the ancestors, but with modern tech and nature, cooling the buildings without "changing the breathing air or wind currents."
    Water power, sun power, wind power, all God given abundant resources, yet man seeks to change the inner gears of the earth's plates, but stripping the lubrication oil, all over the planet. The nation/bride without the oil, will be be in tribulation, yes. Well besides gas and that nasty coal waste/dust and heavy metals in the air, man will go extinct in 25 years if they do not turn NOW. We all will live on a little irratic weather patterned planet, because of man playing God.
    Ahhh, the lessons of the aeons are not being learned.

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