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Thread: The Israeli Art Students BB18 and 911

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    Default Re: The Israeli Art Students BB18 and 911

    Kryztian, that's exactly what I was thinking. It may take a while. I have a nice Nikon but have no idea what program to use to upload to my computer so I can save as a jpeg. And there are two paintings. I'll do both.

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    Default Re: The Israeli Art Students BB18 and 911

    Sorry to take the wind out of your sails here, but there are certain errors in the logic.

    #1-- The students of Floor 91 of the North Tower were Austrian, not Israeli.
    #2-- Their access was for WTC1 only, not for WTC2 or WTC7.
    #3-- They were there in 2000, not 2001.
    #4-- There is no connection of BB18 to the company Littelfuse. Even if there were a connection, the Littelfuse item BB18 is a power feed lug, not a fuse. There is absolutely no connection of these commercial, high power, electrical distribution components to controlled demolition scenarios.


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