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Thread: Saturn Kidnapping and Recycling Souls

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    Default Re: Saturn Kidnapping and Recycling Souls

    I was given advice many years ago which can be beneficial to anyone in fear.

    Its as though there are two voices in the head--mine and the other.
    Basically I dont ask the other in for tea, I dont answer, dont have a conversation with it.
    Its subtle--I dont get angry or emotional--I accept its there for the moment but I starve it of energy by not talking to it.
    Awareness is ultimately within the head--the awareness is prior to everything--it is constant and not affected by the good or bad--it just is--nothing can harm it--touch it.
    It is eternal --I am That.

    Ps the "others" voice gets quieter and quieter then its gone--only takes a few days.
    The other used to keep me awake--I sleep just fine now.
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    Default Re: Saturn Kidnapping and Recycling Souls

    I have had various experiences that point to Saturn , as well as humanoids that are associated with birds.I don't get any clear association with the color blue though.
    The humanoid image I get is more like many new age depictions of Nordics, the males look very androgynous, and
    idealized. This seems to happen most strongly on full moon days during the last few years, and actually involves Venus,
    and Saturn. I think there was supposed to be some alignment with Venus this last full moon, that did something with the energy.
    All I know is that this last time was very strong, and it feels a lot like the soul retrieval that I had years ago by a highly trained
    local shaman. I have felt much more present, and myself, though I would love to experience my sleep problems being healed like the subject in the first few posts. And for what it is worth I feel much lighter than I did before this all occurred. As far as mythology goes, Saturn is associated with time, as well as devouring souls. The Greek name for that energy is Chronos. So all that kind of follows along with things discussed in this thread. I wanted to add the idea that when I am talking about planets it is more the energy behind them that I mean, I suppose there is a better explanation than densities or dimensions that will be understood in the future but till then those types of terms do seem to fit pretty much all my experiences.

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