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Thread: Advanced Aviation Treat Identification Program

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    Default Advanced Aviation Treat Identification Program

    The existence of this program has recently been confirmed. Yet very little has surfaced about exactly its prime purpose, authority, scope of inquiry and exactly what its final conclusions are to Gophers. aviation unknowns, UFOs, and other related aerial targets detected, sighted or tracked. Further whom had access to these reports, was NORAD involved for example after all that is their primary mission.

    Yet if Senator Reid was accurate it his statement that is was "black money" then any FOIA request to be processed correctly would require DOD personnel assigned to the FOIA request to search appropriate data bases. Yet if it is/was a black program do you really think it would turn up on a SIPRNET, JWICS, or other known database systems? Maybe its stored on a stand alone data base system which requires actual physical presence and special clearance to even know that it exists.

    Sadly to say the alien band wagon researchers will be all over this and frankly be has welcome has a ice cream in the middle of winter.

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