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Thread: The Father of Psy-Ops: Sigmund Fraud

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    Default Re: The Father of Psy-Ops: Sigmund Fraud

    Quote Posted by petra (here)

    No - just the fact hypnosis exists I find very telling though. I looked up mesmerism and it pretty much means the same thing as hypnotism in general-speak.

    Repressed memories are a big thing, in my mind. I understand it's a defense mechanism of the mind, but at the same time (from the ass-hole perspective) I think that the repressed memories can be planted there too, or even faked. I could be wrong, but assuming I'm right - that sounds like a pretty basis for Psy-Op to me.

    From a different perspective... I feel like ALL music can be used for mind control purposes. I'm not saying that it IS mind control, just that it can be used as such.

    For example when every where I go a certain song is playing which in turn is triggering my memories and emotional responses - that's a Psy Op to me. Another example is having a song pop into my head, which in turn triggers associations and/or feelings. Maybe I even sing it out loud, and end up triggering someone else. I probably sound like a nut - but I'm positively certain music was/is being used against me (sometimes).
    The first sentence is a main part of my point--yes, exactly, mesmerism and hypnotism are conflated to look the same to outsiders. Like Judaism and Phariseeism and many, many examples. Mind control by removing and altering information. It is very difficult to figure these out. Our educational system is built of things like this; especially American History. Enormous vested interests do not want you to understand Mesmer or American History.

    Hypnotism runs everything, whether it is done in a special setting, via subliminal advertisements, or what people believe is the exercise of their free will in society. Unless cured, when two people see each other, they bathe in thousands of hypnotic suggestions at the speed of reflex.

    Music is the same. Control is a matter of degree. It is difficult to program a person to kill if they hear a certain song, but it is unavoidable to broadcast influences. To the subconscious, there is no memory loss. Whatever was repressed, sits there like an anchor. Pleasant or unpleasant. Some "random" person mentions a band or something and all the flavors associated with it come boiling through. In the ordinary person, this is considered normal, and they are influenced or outright controlled.

    It is entirely possible to achieve immunity. If one is not in complete control of one's mind, something else is. There must be a sense of responsibility for every single thought. It takes...a lot...to wash away the subconscious garbage, but it can be done.

    Just as there is not one person who would cause you to hear the same song in three different places, there is not one person hypnotizing you/me/us, it's a collective and functions constantly, never resting or tiring. Granted, some people like Bernays took it to a new level, and now it operates commercially from the lights in phones to addictive chemicals in the food. A Mongol who needs nothing but a horse under open sky is miles ahead towards relief than those who partake of commercialism.

    Anyone can get a good glimpse of Mesmerism with a domesticated cat. Just pet it. You may not be powerful enough to cure its cancer, but, if you can feel, you're feeling the basis of it.

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