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Thread: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

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    Default Re: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

    CAF and Dark Journalist talk about FASB 56 and how it takes the Fed budget dark and the effect it has on the country, swamp, economy and the commoners.

    A few bullet points by CAF from the first few minutes:

    The US govt just changed it's model from a Constitutional Republic to fascism through an obscure accounting policy
    • HUD says it needs the secret budget
    • SEC takes most US securities markets dark
    • Adopted during the Kavanaugh hearings when it looked like a war (apparently a distraction for public consumption)
    • Govt Accountability Office and Office of Management and Budget needed to approve it
    • Bi-partisan approval in Senate, House and White House
    • They agreed to the greatest increase of the Swamps power since the 47 and 49 Act

    Much, much more, enjoy

    It leaves me wondering about swamp draining and where Qanon would stand on this. It does not look much like 5d chess to me. I haven't been following it much the past month or 2 - anyone know what Q says about the big improvements to the swamp?

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    Default Re: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

    Here is a new interview with James Corbett on the recently enacted US legislation FASAB 56 and the overall context of what Catherine Austin Fitts calls The Financial Coup D’Etat.

    Also discussed is how this fits with the 9/11 events and the strategy of globalisation.

    Overall this is an excellent interview and discussion. I highly recommend it.

    Quote Published on Sep 17, 2019
    SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=33017

    Catherine Austin Fitts has been following the story of the black budget, the missing trillions, and the back door in the US Treasury for decades. Now, her tireless work on this subject has been published in a comprehensive report from Solari.com, "The Real Game of Missing Money" Volumes 1 and 2. Today James Corbett talks to Fitts about FASAB 56, the missing trillions and the financial coup d'état which has liquidated the wealth of the United States and shipped it out the back door.
    From: https://www.corbettreport.com/interv...al-coup-detat/
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