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Thread: Current Wikileaks News & Releases

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    Default Re: Current Wikileaks News & Releases

    Here is a just released interview of Consortium News with KimDotCom about the DNC leak, Seth Rich and Wikileaks. It’s 2 and half hours so I have not watched the whole thing yet.

    Here is KimDotKom’s tweet:
    Quote Kim Dotcom
    Here's my first and only interview about Seth Rich and how the DNC leaks really happened. With commentary from former technical director of the NSA, Bill Binney. Russia has always been a hoax. The US deep state created Guccifer 2.0.

    Quote Featuring Kim Dotcom, William Binney, Mike Gravel, and George Szamuely.

    Consortium News launched its first live show, CN Live!, on July 12, 2019 at 2pm EDT, to provide weekly insights into WikiLeaks, the Middle East, the US presidential elections and other topics in the news.

    Hosted by Joe Lauria, Elizabeth Vos.
    Executive producer, Cathy Vogan.
    Technical production, Ebon Kim

    This medium article includes a transcript of KimDotCom’s part of the video above:
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