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Thread: Future Society and Technology...?

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    Default Future Society and Technology...?

    Toyota e-Palette Combines Electric Mobility, Roving Billboards, & Pizza

    GM Says Car With No Steering Wheel Or Pedals Ready For Streets In 2019

    just post about end of current system(capitalism) and rise of Collectivism due to advance technology such as diverless car which i have been thinking about this everyday. got slam and It's sad to see people still embrace corrupted system while reject Collectivism to better ourselves. redding comment like "bitch please, capitalism will continue to increase efficiency while laughing at the failures of collectivism" ...people continue to enslave and future society will be decided by the power at be.

    This popup every day when i'm on the road why do i need to own a car? so many car not in used park for hours and thought of something like uber but own and operated by the people. if you go somewhere then call them up to point B, once point B reach that car still in use will pick people in point B to point D. ..you get the idea that vehicle constant in use and moving.

    Human only use car for traveling few hours a day and why there's a standard for it...the more people owning it the more traffic jams. why we need to own a home? if you contribute to society you have a home for life anywhere in the world. home renovation and building will be done by robots.

    upon looking at Paul post which i quote below our grandkids really live in scifi society either dystopia or utopia decide by us but choose not to people...alot of people still not aware what happening and what TPTB planing for the future society.

    [QUOTE=Paul;1199727]My work on analyzing Bitcoin has (perhaps surprisingly) led me to a new perspective on the Secret Space Program....

    We came up with the following list:
    • Advanced propulsion ... chemical rockets won't cut it.
    • Advanced energy ... petro fired engines won't cut it (giant oil tankers in space ... I don't think so.)
    • Extraterrestrial politics ... public awareness of and interactions with alien beings.
    • AI (artificial intelligence) ... smart bots will be doing most of the work, semi-independently.
    • Distributed information sharing and decision making ... by these smart bots, on variants of blockchain technology.
    • 3D printing ... so the smart bots can replicate and repair and adapt.
    • Virtual reality and smartphones ... moving humanity onto a digital network in which smart bots can participate as equals.
    • More unified human political world ... refocus our aggressive, colonizing, resource extraction energies off planet.
    • (Added 6 Jan 2017): Computers, semiconductors, and microprocessors which have been in development since World War II.
    • (Added 6 Jan 2017): Computer controlled sensors and manipulators, already abundant on earth, and on Mars rovers and such.
    I see dramatic advances happening in all these areas, and already being made widely visible to the public in all but the first three of these areas.

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